The TERRIFYING Technocratic Algorithm Apocalypse Is Here…

Date: December 29, 2018

01) The TERRIFYING Technocratic Algorithm Apocalypse Is Here

Oh yeah…”Elsagate”…

…About a year back, a handful of zealots were attempting to intertwine this stuff with “pedophiles”…despite the utter lack of any rational connection.

Horrible…gross…badly produced videos…often recycling the same themes…made by profiteers, exploiting YouTube algorithms…and trying to hook in children with crude, gross out humor.

My take away from looking into it…is that there was zero reason to conclude that “pedophiles” had any hand in it…

…It was the pet project of untalented [or barely talented] people, looking for a way to make money…not caring what form their product had to take, in order for them to corner any type of market.

Their “big crime” existed in broaching such topics as eating poop…drinking pee…eating dead and infected skin off of the human body, and the parasites inhabiting said skin…giving and receiving shots…being taken hostage…being tied up…etc, etc, etc…

It was sophomoric, at best…Very low level humor…

…And, yes…it was presented in a humorous style.

The so called “pedophile connection”, was a fabrication…made up and pushed by zealots.

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