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Does Anyone Have Thoughts On the Indiana Freedom Alliance?…

Date: January 07, 2019

01) Indiana Freedom Alliance

02) Pedocentric Misandrists and Miserotists and Their Unjust March to Dehumanize Pedosexuals

“Today, America is awash in a sea of pedosexual myths and hysteria largely originating with less then honest pedocentrics and miserotists serving in high level career positions, including law enforcement, teaching, child advocacy, and the nonprofit sector. They are counselors, therapists, outspoken critics, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles. What is a pedocentric? A pedocentric is an adult (usually female) with pedosexual desires but choosing to live in denial. Pedocentrics have all of the desires, sexual urges and erotic affections for children, but instead of coming to terms with these natural and completely normal feelings, will choose instead to exercise a high degree of social deception and erotic restraint in order to mask this natural side they would rather not show to the public.”

They’ve had a YouTube channel for a while, also…Not sure if it’s still open.

One of the things I very much dislike about the “Heart Progress” fiasco…is that it casts a long shadow of doubt, on these new, slick looking websites that pop up out of nowhere.

All the same…I cannot say as my brief perusing of articles there, has left me with the impression that whomever is behind the website is in the wrong.

The header banner…”Live, Love, Play – Naked!”, with small children on it…could either be an attempt at triggering outrage…or just a bit of humor…

Honestly…I’m getting a sincere vibe, when I listen to these articles…

…Their mascot…”Indiana”…is very intriguing

It’s clear they put some degree of research into their articles.

…And you know what?…I completely agree with this article

The Complete Moderate’s Guide to Welfare…

Date: January 07, 2019

01) The Complete Moderate’s Guide to Welfare

“Welfare reform is part of every politician’s speech, but what programs do we already have and how could they be improved?”

There’s a whole bunch of links related to this video, in the video description section.

If you are interested in checking them out, please visit the YouTube page.