11-Year-Old Boy Dances At Gay Bar/Gets Dollars…

Date: January 16, 2019

01) Filip30: 11-Year-Old Boy Dances At Gay Bar/Gets Dollars

02) 11-Year-Old Boy Dressed In Drag Dances At Gay Bar, Gets Dollar Bills Thrown At Him

“On December 1, an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt’s “Like a Girl” and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number.”

03) 11 Year old boy ‘Desmond’ dancing at a gay (3 Dollar Bill Bar) bar Dec. 2, 2018

04) Desmond is Amazing

Is jumping and spinning around on the stage of a gay bar, honestly “oversexualization”?

Granted…I love his shirt…what very little there is of it…

Some people act like people were stuffing dollars down his pants, or putting them in a G-string…

…Looks like a handful of people were tossing dollars onto the stage, and that’s about it.

…Oh!…The Humanity!…

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