Children as young as 8 voluntarily sharing nudes…


Date: January 16, 2019

01) 4213: Children as young as 8 voluntarily sharing nudes

02) Children as young as eight are voluntarily sharing nude photos online: RCMP

“FREDERICTON — Police are warning parents after four young New Brunswick children voluntarily shared nude images of themselves online.

RCMP say the children, between the ages of eight and 12, shared nude pictures or videos on unspecified free websites in recent months.

The children were identified by the RCMP’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit, and all have been confirmed to be safe.

“It is unfortunately becoming more common for young people, even children, to share exploitative photos and videos of themselves online, and once it’s online it can’t always be removed,” New Brunswick RCMP Sgt. Chantal Farrah said in a statement Wednesday.”


8 thoughts on “Children as young as 8 voluntarily sharing nudes…

  1. Explorer

    Who’s been “exploiting” who in this “exploitative” photo sharing, if the children themselves posted them online? Are children both “exploiters” and “explioted”, simultaneously?

    The sheer absence of intellectual coherence and insight in all this innocence struggle sometimes scares me.

    1. propedofront

      It horrifies me as well, in the same manner it tends to horrify me people, in general, seems to focus more on the nature of it being sexual, rather than focusing on how these images could be obtained first. Condemnation of sexuality and other forms of expressions in young children leads to them being censored, which a concern of mine. If they’re being exploited or not can be debated for sure, but if the solution leads to the children being censored then I don’t see that as helpful and more as to contributing for them to be in a controlled position while still not effectively teaching them/showing them that their body belongs to themselves, not to their parents, not to the government, not anyone. To them.

  2. propedofront

    As per the discussion that took place on my Twitter due to this thread, I am curious to many things that tends to happen to obtain/influence on the production of these imagery. However, I’m also deeply troubled on how authorities and parents/guardians choose to address this sort of situations because of the lack of treating children like genuine people that are entitled to rights.

    I see the situations towards children reduced as the following, quoting from the linked article:

    “They say parents and guardians should know what sites children are visiting, regularly monitor their devices, and talk to them about appropriate online behaviour.

    They say they should also consider making a “family contract” that makes online rules clear.”

    This just makes my concerns grow even more because it encourages to invade the child’s privacy without proper justification, nor any hint of even respecting and acknowledging their perspective towards the situation and what they make out of it. These sort of attitudes also encourage to reproduce a negative view to sexual expressions overall and that we live in a society where doing “this or that” is somehow wrong, but without much basis to say why it’s wrong to do something that’s just yet another natural manifestation of our body (though I am still keeping in mind that there are ways to influence and manipulate a child, especially now where they lack power and don’t even have rights to be “pushed” to make these sort of stuff without them having much knowledge about it and/or not really consenting to it too).

    I still feel that regarding this, approaching it in a punitive and censorship orientation doesn’t really help to make of this situation a better one and seems more of making it a negative one in the general situations by encouraging a negative view of sexuality, also by ignoring the child’s input into the manner, if any, and by potentially punishing situations where no negative influence has to be present always (since it’s assuming sexual expression is a negative thing). The way the imagery is obtained is something we do need to keep in mind though, and that’s very valid to point out, but it doesn’t always justify getting authorities involved either because it can very well argued that intervention can also contribute to the negative perspective of this situation, whether that is less or more is depending on the cases, which is why one must observe whether exploitation is really taking place or not.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I hear you…

      I’ve always argued, don’t blow things all out of proportion…and childhood sexual expression should not be blown out of proportion.

      It’s insane, where many people are willing to go with this issue.

      1. propedofront

        I agree. These activities do not need to get as harmful as some people make it to be. Of course, there are cases where harm is inflicted, which we should never ignore, but that is not equivalent to all the experiences being this way.

  3. feinmann0

    “It is unfortunately becoming more common for young people, even children, to share exploitative photos and videos of themselves online, and once it’s online it can’t always be removed,” New Brunswick RCMP Sgt. Chantal Farrah said in a statement Wednesday.”

    How does Farrah know that young people increasingly share images of themselves online? Or is this just another attempt at the police state to increase its control over the way society behaves? The reason that kids behave sexually is that kids have always behaved sexually – nothing has changed, just the means to be able to do so have increased due to technological advances.

    Farrah and their ilk have a dishonest agenda. It is nothing to do with protecting ‘young people’, it is everything to do with obtaining more convictions, and increasing their power-base through restricting human freedoms. They know full well that children are naturally exhibitionistic and totally enjoy the thrill of showing off online (evidenced by the very imagery that kids ‘produce’ and ‘distribute’ willingly). No amount of censorship and no amount of disengenuous casting of the paedophile in the role of exploiter, will ever change that fact.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “How does Farrah know that young people increasingly share images of themselves online?”

      …Potentially…his “extracurricular investigating” at home, has seen a steep increase in nudity and masturbation, amongst all the children he “keeps an eye on” online?…

      …Not that I’m suggesting or accusing anything, whatsoever…

      …Wouldn’t think of it.


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