Predator Caught, and It’s Chris Hansen…


Date: January 16, 2019

01) Enochian: Predator Caught, and It’s Chris Hansen

02) ‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen charged with bouncing checks

“To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen has been charged with issuing bad checks and failing to pay thousands of dollars to a vendor for marketing materials.

Hansen, 59, of Shippan, Connecticut, turned himself in to police over the bounced checks on Monday and was charged with “issuing a bad check,” Stamford Police told Fox News. He was released without bond and signed a PTA or a promise to appear in court, police said.

Hansen reportedly asked Peter Psichopaidas, the owner of Promotional Sales LTD, for mugs, decals and T-shirts for marketing events in 2017, the Stamford Advocate reported, citing an arrest affidavit. The goods totaled $12,998.05 and the former MSNBC host agreed to pay for the items in full before they were delivered. An employee who worked for Hansen sent a check for the items three months after they received invoices for the materials. When the check bounced, Hansen apparently apologized to Psichopaidas and said he would make a partial payment.

The business owner filed a police complaint in April 2017, after he did not receive any payment.”

So…on top of everything else…Chris Hansen is a thief?

I’ve been kind of wondering what in the heck was going on with him…He was trying to reboot his “To Catch a Predator” glory days, a few years back…by resuming the show, as a personal production online…

…I made a post about it, which strangely ended up gutted…

…A brief time later, the online ambitions of Chris Hansen went completely silent.

…Yes…I’ve been keeping an eye on all of this…or, at least I was…

Seems dead, now.

It seems Chris Hansen may be financially imploding.

…And now, he’s a criminal thief…

…Wonder if they’re going to send him to prison…

…Probably not…There’s always double standards to follow, where it comes to celebrities like Chris Hansen.

But the fact that he’s allegedly having to sell personal assets, in order to reconcile with the true state of his finances…that’s encouraging to learn…

…Or, maybe he is just an out and out thief…

…Someone of his character, I’d not be surprised in the least.

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1 thought on “Predator Caught, and It’s Chris Hansen…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Chris Hansen’s mugshot?

    …He looks about as somber and bummed out, as anyone he’s sent to get a mugshot…

    The skeletons in our closets…the great equalizer.


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