So, why this?…

Date: January 16, 2019

01) So, why this?

“Listen, folks, I’ve [b]een struggling with this (attraction to boys and all that) since I was a teen myself.

I mean. Sometimes I really get really down, like, what’s the point? Having a YF (if any), then losing him over either parents suspecting, the YF himself growing apart from you, or a combination thereof.

Who wants to indulge in, say, a two year agony over feelings and a “relationship” that is sometimes not even perceived as such by the boy himself?”

…I think if we are not even open to this…then what do we have left?

We cant take what gives our existence meaning, and just throw it into the trash…That’s just not what living is.

It will drive you insane, constantly rejecting the rewards of life…

…Often, these are the only things keeping us going.

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