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1A: Ask An Atheist…


Date: January 25, 2019

01) Ask An Atheist

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“The Pledge of Allegiance says that America is “one nation under God.” But not everyone feels that way.

Surveys show that most of us profess a belief in a higher power, mostly as Christians. The Pew Research Center says about six percent of Americans identify as agnostic, unable to confirm whether God is real. Four percent identify as atheists, believing that there is no God.

Other assessments suggest those numbers could be much higher. Either way, both groups are growing.

So what does the term “atheist” mean, both to believers and non-believers?

We kicked off our week of audience-selected shows with a chance to ask an atheist.”

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Male Body Image: The Naked Truth…


Date: January 25, 2019

01) Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

“Nearly a million British men are believed to use steroids to ‘pump up’ their physique under pressure to look ‘good’. Meanwhile, eating disorders amongst men are on the rise.

In this episode of The Naked Truth, five men – of all different shapes and sizes – talk about their own bodies and reveal what it’s like to feel the pressure to look the part in a six-pack-obsessed culture.

If you, or someone you know, have been affected by eating disorders, the following organisations may be able to help: