The Impossible Standard…


Date: January 29, 2019

01) FalseAlias: Support systems (a question)

“What are your opinions on this statement?

“A fully functioning support system for a paedophile will completely eliminate the risk of harm to any child in their life.”

It sets the impossible standard…

…and just underscores that “pedophiles” are not allowed to be human beings.

Reality is…we aren’t going to find any adult child relationship of any meaningful existence and duration, where neither has ever hurt the other…unintentionally, and otherwise.

No matter how mild or slight…people have a way of reinterpreting things…careless and mindless things…which can find you becoming “the bad one”, without you even realizing what has just occurred.

This is human relations…It’s what makes a lot of us wish we could become hermits, so we don’t have to deal with the hyper-analyzing insanity of others.


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