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Antifa Leader Arrested Charged With FELONIES, Fired From job…

Date: February 01, 2019

01) Antifa Leader Arrested Charged With FELONIES, Fired From job

“Exposed “Antifa Leader” Charged With Multiple FELONIES. Joseph Alcoff who was exposed by the Daily Caller was recently arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including ethnic intimidation, after police and the victims pointed to his photo in connection with the Antifa attack on innocent people in November.

The “Antifa Leader” has plead not guilty and was released on bail.

The incident in question involved an innocent jewish man being attacked by Antifa and far left protesters as well as two marines being attacked just outside of a rally where people claimed Proud Boys were attending. Alcoff is also allegedly associated with Smash Racism DC, the group that protest in front of Tucker Carlson’s home recently.”