Do You Really Believe That Allowing Kids to Openly Choose An Adult or Peer Sexual Companion, Will Reduce Sexual Brutality?…


Date: February 02, 2019

“Do You Really Believe That Allowing Kids to Openly Choose An Adult or Peer Sexual Companion, Will Reduce Sexual Brutality?”

Although I disagree with some of the notions surrounding it…I am encouraged by the more recent trend, in which people are calling for the lifting of celibacy on Catholic priests…

…It shows that some people understand…you cannot suppress the sexuality in a sexual being, and expect that there aren’t going to be very negative consequences…

In the cases of the priests…many have [allegedly] forced themselves sexually, upon children and youth…in a setting which is extremely contradictory to such behavior, and without the child/youth’s explicit interest in said behavior, with said priest.

If people can wrap their minds around the fact…that sexually satisfied priests will be unlikely to engage in such unwanted behavior…it seems to me…the only thing seriously holding us back, is the people who stubbornly hang onto the sexual superstition…that “children [and youth] are not sexual beings”…when clearly they are.

It’s one of the all time, big social lies…which everybody is expected to repeat, and pretend that it’s true…when deep down…we know that it is not…In our gut, we know it is not true…If we look into the research, we know that it is not true…Yet, we are expected to behave as though it were true, to enforce an ideology about “how society is supposed to function”…

…And the sexual child is supposedly “so dangerous”, to the alleged way that “society is supposed to function”.

Truth in this matter is…if we would get real…and just start approaching the reality of sexual children, and their needs, as they exist…we would be light years ahead of where we are now, where it comes to addressing child on child, youth on youth, youth on child and child on youth, sexual brutality.

As things stand…we are perpetually mired down, in closing our eyes and displaying a complete denial…over what is so obviously right in front of us.

Here is what I propose:

Children and youth need complete sexual education…They need a legally recognized right to sexual expression…They need open options…They need someone, who can give positive structure to their sexuality…be that a peer or someone older…

This is the only practical way…in which we will have any chance in reducing real child on child, youth on youth, sexual violence.

We have to start being real about things…and start helping children and youth manage their sexuality…

…Otherwise…by default…we are embracing and fostering, the rape of children and youth, which happens at the hands of children and youth.

…and we don’t want that…

…Do we?


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