Parents of child sex crime victim want ND juvenile justice laws changed…

Date: February 02, 2019

01) Parents of child sex crime victim want ND juvenile justice laws changed

“A Fargo family wants to change North Dakota juvenile justice law after a minor recently sentenced for sexually assaulting their daughter faced what they say was inadequate punishment for the offense.

Legislation has been introduced to overhaul the state’s laws regarding sexual assault and juvenile justice, and Rosa and Ryan Strubbe of Fargo are its most prominent backers.

The Strubbes, who talked to WDAY-TV in an on-camera interview, say their 4-year-old daughter was raped three times by a 13-year-old boy when they left her in the care of family friends for five hours in September 2018.

Their daughter’s attacker was charged and sentenced, but the family says they feel let down by the state’s criminal justice system.

While juvenile court cases are not public, the 13-year-old boy was charged with rape, according to the Strubbes. He was recently sentenced to a year of supervised probation and therapy, they said.

But the family isn’t satisfied with the sentence.

North Dakota House Bill 1520 would mandate delinquent juvenile offenders found guilty of gross sexual imposition to be placed at a juvenile detention facility for 21 days to undergo psycho-sexual evaluation that would be reviewed by a court. It also would mandate risk assessments of minors accused of sexual misconduct.

But detractors say the proposed reforms would undermine due process and privacy for juveniles accused of crimes.”

You know…I just wonder…What…oh, what…whatever could have possibly served as an intervention, to stop this four year old from having been raped?…

…I cannot possibly recall…if I have ever had any constructive idea, a thousand times over or more…as to what a sexually aroused boy could do…where he could go…who he could approach…how he could deal with what he was experiencing, in a safe way…

…I’m just certain, I couldn’t answer any of those questions…

[/End Cynicism]

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