Don’t You Care It’s Been Proven, Sex Releases Chemicals Into A Child/Youth’s Body, Which Causes Damage to the Child/Youth’s Developing Body?…


Date: February 04, 2019

“Don’t You Care It’s Been Proven, Sex Releases Chemicals Into A Child/Youth’s Body, Which Causes Damage to the Child/Youth’s Developing Body?”

This is one of the newer claims being pushed, by people searching for their “holy grail” of condemning early life sexuality…or, strangely…intergenerational, sexual relationships…They seem to be mostly obsessed with the latter, while private and “age mate” sexual experiences are accepted as normal and healthy…[Answer that puzzle for me, please, all of you “know it all”s out there]…

Where it comes to demonized, politically volatile issues such as early life human sexuality…fields of research such as this, have given us absolutely no reason to trust them…

…In fact…just the opposite is true…and there needs to be a massive house cleaning, in this field of research.

So…we know without question…we cannot even trust them to get basic, “No Duh!”, common sense facts straight about sexual relations during childhood…We know that they actively conceal and mislead, where it comes to representing these things…We know they are, effectively, an enforcement
arm of the government…and that they are overwhelmingly pushing an agenda, of stern, social conformity…

…Are we supposed to be shocked, when they ignore the masses of people who’ve had lots of sexual relations, or even just masturbated like utter hell, during their childhood and teen years, who all turned out just fine…and pull this “chemically stunted development” B.S. out of their own rear ends?

You want me to give even the slightest of credence to this obvious flimflam?…

The field of research needs to be flushed of it’s dogmatic malcontents…

…Then, the question at hand needs to be vigorously tested and studied…

…Then, if any substantiation is found…it needs to be determined how, if at all, this affects sexual content in reasonable moderation…

…It also needs to be established, by what path children and teens who masturbate regularly [sometimes more than once a day], are immune to this alleged “chemical damage”…and why they are not far more concerned about that method of releasing these sex chemicals into the body, as it is clearly far more common and prevalent.

You see…people [including “the professionals”] run into a problem, when they start trying to pass this stuff off in front of people like me…Because I am not inexperienced…I am not uneducated…I am not uninformed…I am not stupid…and I recognize their glaring double standards.

This supposed “sex chemical damage” is just another one of their instances, of language and psychological manipulation.

Don’t fall for it…It’s an absurdity, on it’s face.


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