Of Course, I Care About Real Dangers to Children and Youth…


Date: February 05, 2019

“Don’t you care about the dangers to children?”

Of Course, I Care About Real Dangers to Children and Youth…

Why do you think I am sexually celibate, and have been so for nearly all of my life?…

…Largely, it is because I recognize the wide range of dangers posed, by the zealots of this world…

…I recognize these dangers first and foremost, to children and teens…just as I also recognize these threats towards people like myself.

I’m sexually celibate for a range of reasons…but at the top of that list, is the fact that this neurotic world cannot seem to mentally handle a sexually active pedophile…and I don’t want to put anyone else through all of that insanity…much less a child, or youth.

…Is this “not caring enough”?…

…Is this somehow, in any way…”not putting a child/youth’s wellbeing, above my own”?…

I’ve sacrificed and risked an outright devastating amount over the past decade plus…to introduce some level of humanity into a volatile subject matter…and speak humanely, in the just support of children, youth, MAPs and any other minority, or individual, I’ve witnessed being devastated by the political machine.

I’ve always stood up for that proverbial “witch being burned at the stake”…

…Because I’ve seen it way too many times, that that “witch” has never gotten a fair or just trial.

People judge and condemn you, based upon solely what is going on in their own heads…But rarely based upon what is objectively happening, in the real world.

I do care about the dangers in this world…I care about and fear them, more than you will ever know…

…This is exactly why, I stand up against the many dangers posed, by the dogmatic, zealot establishment.

We have far to many real problems to contend with in this world, without having to allow the establishment to create and impose false problems upon us.

This life in this world, should never be all about everybody creating endless problems for everybody else…

…Yet…this seems to be, just what so many are relentless in pursuing.

…They keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing…imagining nothing is ever going to give…and there is never going to be an explosive backlash…

I care deathly serious…because I don’t want to see the day…when the world has devolved so wretchedly…that loving people like myself are forced to pick up arms, in order to defend ourselves from hostile aggressors.

…Again…why do you think I’ve been talking and writing about deeply personal issues, all these many years?

…I’ve been vested in the process of practical, social negotiation…in hopes that we might avoid something far more dire and bloody, in our shared future.

That’s right…

…I even care about how this is going to impact the aggressors of this world, who have ultimately caused this entire problem.


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