Media Interview [Almost]…


Date: February 06, 2019

Note: This is an old 2014 incident, and I have since distanced myself from even doing the “Media Interviews Page”, which I believe I reference somewhere in the below comments. I was still doing relatively okay in 2014…A lot has changed since then…My ability to really do that project well, has slipped away. I offer what follows, primarily because it displays a very real struggle I was having, when asked to do a live interview on [Canadian] national television…Even the choice I made, was gut wrenching for me.

February 10, 2014

01) Lend me your incite?…

There are a lot of reasons, as to why I do my own things in my own time…It is hard to dance around everything in my life…Some of those things just aren’t…simple…Some of them aren’t even rational, but that does not stop their effects.

I live with telephobia [it may have a more exotic name, but I fail to recall it]…and probably at least one other identifiable social phobia…things I never tend to talk about, out in the open. Some days are much worse than others…and you never can forecast it…Whatever it is, it is there in the moment…or the day…I sometimes have a really hard time, even calling my own mother on the phone.

I feel like I relentlessly wrestle with a lot of ridiculous, stupid shit in my life…most of which, I just cannot escape…Then I find an environment where I can transcend all of that, and become more than I otherwise am…the internet compliments whatever strengths I have…It lets me mask my weakness.

Right now, I am faced with something that is invading my little utopia and my escape from everything else in life…

I was passed a link, about a week back…A Canadian news program was taking issue with Dr. James Cantor’s statement, that pedophilia is a sexual orientation…Cantor refused to be interviewed by them…And they had this female reporter, who did a hatchet job…complete with cliché visuals, and a parade of individuals to provide their own spooky forecast…After which, she and the show anchor went on a tirade for several minutes…I’m sure, you’ve mostly heard it all before.

…Being the opinionated big mouth that I am…I did what comes natural, and what I’ve done a few times in the past when confronted with such an outrageous violation of honest journalism…and I dissected the entire report…

What I took issue with, was not anything about Dr. Cantor or any disagreements that may have been expressed…but with the manner in which this “journalism” completely side stepped the base question [whether pedophilia is a sexual orientation] and the reason behind such a conclusion…Instead opting to parade the usual manner of guest, including a high profile victim of child sex abuse…Of all the guests they interviewed, not a single one of them had anything of substance to say about pedophilia being acknowledged as a sexual orientation, nor the reasons behind doing such [some being valid]…they just objected to it happening…It seems more of a culture clash in Canada, because their charter of rights grants strong protections to recognized sexual minorities…

…I really don’t have a lot to say about Dr. Cantor’s research…I mean…”less white brain matter”…”more left handed”…”lower IQ”…and all the controversy over his sample pool…

What can I say?…Until the day comes, when we can all openly participate in research which concerns and effects us…without such research getting derailed, by those with nothing better to do with themselves than being a public menace…then what does get accomplished, will remain unreliable…because it is incomplete in scope…the test samples will be limited…And given historic trends, they will remain corrupted by artificial bias and duress imposed upon them.

It just feels so trivial, to make much of a comment about any of it…

…But I did skewer the “report” [which really just had a bunch of people, expressing how bad they feel about calling pedophilia a sexual orientation]…I pointed out a lot of propaganda employed in it…a lot of bias…the total absence of anybody to discuss the base question…and I offered a perspective or two, regarding a thing or two…

Along the way, I referred to the reporter and anchor as “two bozos”, and summed the “report” up as tripe…and said I would not have given them an interview, either…especially not if that is their known mode of operation…

For this…I have been invited by the shows producer, to be interviewed live by phone or Skype…

I don’t know if they’re hard up for interview guests…if someone got honestly intrigued by my comments…or if they just want a circus freak, so the fur can fly in an upcoming episode…

…I shun these things…and even made a point of clearly stating so, on one of the pages I have linked at my blog…I effectively decline all such invitations, by default…I’ve seen too many “pedophiles” call in, or go onto shows…and I know how quickly things can get nasty, and out of hand…The last thing you want, is to be where you have no control over the environment of exchange…and where things may be prone to break down into chaos…and I just flat out don’t trust the integrity of that show…even with as little as I have seen of it.

I still feel very bad about walking away from this…It’s like, I’ve been active all of these years…and now something has fallen into my lap…I want to be optimistic, and seize the ball that is in my court…I do feel entitled…I also think, there is a bigger issue at hand which dwarfs me…

…I am just so sick to death, of poor behavior trends in the media…How can any self aware pedosexual, with a sense of self worth, not be offended by it?…They dehumanize and demean us as a class, in front of the world and at their own leisure…It has a very deep impact, and it is part of the larger problems so many of us chronically face.

For now…I am going to sleep on it, for another night…

…I don’t see myself doing this.

I know that a few others from BoyChat have been confronted with this sort of thing.

02) I officially declined…

I am not doing the interview.

…And for the time, I am going to hold off with any alternative offer.

I will be building a resource more substantive and boldly present, modeled after the idea Randy offered…Where people from the media can interact with me, if they so choose…Maybe it will be a positive thing…or entirely ignored…I don’t know.

So, now I have something additional to build…It’s kind of funny, because in the back of my mind…I kind of thought I was maybe getting a bit big headed, by even creating my original page which addresses visitors from the media, and presumes that some of them might want to interview me…It’s been there on my blog all along…you just have to look for it, a bit…Even I didn’t really believe, anyone was ever going to float an offer to me like this…Then, there it was…

As to Sun News…I just don’t feel good about walking into that…I think it’s just more wise to stay away…and I can maintain my personal dignity, in that knowledge.

Thank you for your addition to that thread, Sherry…I appreciated that…and responded to it, also.

Thank you, to everyone who gave feedback.

February 11, 2014

03) Diverse Responses…

…and thank you, for them.

They seem very well spread out, amongst the major options…So, I’m not really seeing so much of a trend.

Well, let me walk you through my present line of thought…

– I am painfully aware, that a lot of impact is lost in electing not to go live…and not to interact live. In an ideal circumstance, I think this is best…but I don’t even know the circumstance to expect, and behavior I have witnessed does not look promising.

– It says a tremendous amount, that Dr. Cantor refused to go onto their show live, while he is in the midst of promoting his own research [be it what it is]…He has got to know something about their character and conduct, and that is probably the most important clue to take away from this.

– …I don’t want to get on live to find out…”Oh, by the way…we also have on the phone another guest, to go irate over anything you say, and constantly interrupt you!”…ala Jack McClellan on Fox news, with two obnoxious idiots who refused to shut their mouths [almost ever], endless interruptions and refusals to allow Jack to even give a response, and a host who not only refused to enforce/maintain control but who joined in on the feeding frenzy…

I can’t quite see myself being pushed around like that…but it’s a fine line between asserting yourself, and coming off looking unprepared, and like you’ve lost control of yourself in the face of being provoked.

– Even though I do put myself out there a good deal more than most have…It was never my intention to get onto the mainstream media interview circuit…I don’t consider myself well suited for it…and I cannot even imagine, that I would be the best fit candidate amongst us.

– I remember hearing, or reading [maybe it was Joe Power who said this…or maybe it’s just on their website] NAMBLA is extremely reserved and selective about who they grant interviews to…I have found this a good sentiment to mirror. I think it is worse to allow someone to play you on live media and make you look like an incompetent spectacle…than it is to weather the innuendo that gets thrown at you, for refusing to answer “whatever”…We even saw a bit of that, aimed at Dr. Cantor…

– I have no formal training at giving interviews [or speeches, for that matter]…and I am fairly confident, going in front of a large audience like that would send my blood pressure through the roof.

– I wont use Skype…have not used it in years…I do have at least one spare cell phone, registered under false information…I’d have to buy time and activation for it…To be honest, I’d rather it just remain in storage.

For these and other reasons I’ve already mentioned…and despite that my “magic 8 ball” told me to do it, and reaffirmed itself in a follow up…I am going to decline a live interview…and I am also going to make that page I was talking about in my original post, stick out a lot more on my blog.

– I am not going to invite them here. 😉

…Unless by chance, enough others here concur this is a good idea…and intend to be on good behavior.

Someone has been visiting my links page…Chances are, they may have already seen BoyChat…provided they explored my blog long enough.

– I was leaning more towards MWM and yoyoboy…but I do really appreciate Randy’s input…and I could literally share those files through my blog…You can, in fact, link directly to media files…and make those links publicly available for anyone to download…So, there is some potential there…Plus, it is what it is, but I have a history of recording comments and such, and sharing them online…Anyone caring to explore my blog long enough, will happen upon some of these files.

…So, what Randy suggests is actually complimenting what I’ve tended to do, in the past…I just didn’t tend to do this so much, in response to exact comments and questions aimed at me by another person.

“By the way, it’s nice to know Kamil’s tweets on behalf of your post bore fruit.” — Bernie Najarian

You know, I was kind of wondering about that…who sent the tweet to them…

I got a tweet, and did what I do [when I have the time and energy]…Then I got that e-mail…Kind of felt like I got unwittingly swept up into something…Not that I’m saying this is bad…But obviously, I do have deep considerations to keep in mind…which makes it complicated.

I am not prepared to do something half-witted and unprepared, over the notion of taking a heroic stand.

– Guy Fawkes mask?…

…You truly are poetic, slvrspun. 🙂

I don’t own one…nor do I wish to be associated with “anonymous”, in any way…

I did use a picture of that mask, along with a quote from “V for Vendetta”, in one of my October blog headers, however…I’ve had reverence for that quote for years, and I did it for my own reasons…I have kind of wondered, if a few people out there through a fit over that.

…But, no…I don’t see myself doing anything in front of a camera…That’s just not an option.

– wikwik…

I have not actually considered disguising my voice…and to be entirely honest, hate going that rout. If I can pre-record and release responses to a list of questions [as Randy suggests], it would be very easy for me to alter my voice…I have a lot of neat software, and have been a user of Magix Music Maker for many years.

I also have voice changing software…which might work with Skype…though I don’t intend on doing something like this over Skype.

Believe me…it weighs heavy on me, that this is rare and likely won’t repeat itself. There are pros and cons to doing this or not doing this, no matter what style it is approached.

I also don’t want to lose face, by just slinking away from it.

I don’t know what their intention is [I don’t even know what angle they have in mind]…It would be foolish, to anticipate the better…And after re-reading my post…well…it felt tame, laid back and reserved while I was writing it…But I am sure it could get very awkward, butting heads with people I called bozos, and who’s production I called tripe…

…and as a side note, I also gave my condolences to the shows anchor [don’t recall his name], because of his stunted orientation…He did not understand, how anyone can be attracted to children, you see?…

…It’s just part of my peculiar humor.

…They probably don’t love me.

04) Thanks Sherry!

It is hard to explain what it is like…holding yourself back, because you simultaneously don’t want to do what you badly want to do…

…”There’s the cheese on the trap.”…right?

There are valid reasons behind all options, and each one is guaranteed to inflict a price…I guess the question is, what price can you best live with.

I agree with you, Sherry…Sun News seems to be a poor venue, for holding a meaningful dialogue.

I won’t be doing anything live with them…and this may just end up being the foundation for something a little bit more substantive and obvious, where it comes to my page directed at those in the media who are interested in me.

I’m still undecided if I want to offer a compromised alternative, such as what Randy suggests. It is less than ideal…They can say anything they like without challenge, after airing a recorded statement. It is always best, I think…to promptly confront misunderstandings and false statements, which are offered in that sort of venue. If you are not there, present…then you grant them license to go on another exchange amongst themselves, and bring in whomever they please to join in…That is where the mess threatens to happen…They could pull a Hetty Johnston, for example.

I am not unwilling to do it…it’s just that I am unconvinced that doing this will be better…In it’s own way, it could be worse.

I’d have to get them to agree to air anything I sent to them, unedited…and then to link back to me, so I could further address anything they might bring up.

I am questioning if this isn’t a bit too tacky and burdensome, to hold the attention of most people in the event some type of drawn out exchange happened [on air, or by peripheral venues].

Potential “up” sides, are free publicity for my blog and other projects…Though I’d very seriously rather have the revamping of my links pages [which I’m currently undertaking] done and in place, before such attention hit.

On top of everything else to consider…this is bad timing for me.

Would it be convoluted for me to say…that I feel like I was born to carry a message, that this is the path my life has derived larger meaning from, and that this is why I feel so awful about doing nothing in the face of even poor opportunities?

…As this continues to linger on and get old [they sent message about two weeks ago, but I only logged into my account and discovered it four days ago]…I feel like I should make a decision and get to it…Not sure I am done mulling this over, however.

05) 🙂

I could think of very few people in the media, where going live onto their show to discuss these things comes off as a good idea…and who knows if they’d touch it?

A large part of my reason for bringing this here, was just that I wanted to let it set a bit…and get more perspectives to chew this over with.

No matter the rational…I am glad to see the cautionary voices coming out…It’s too easy to do something rash, in the excitement of the moment.

…This is what helps keep people grounded.

06) One thing I wonder…

“They were not going to interview you, they were going to bombard you.”

…You see, it was not entirely clear…

Though I interpreted it as an interview invitation, because there was bound to be back and forth dialogue…the actual phrasing, was that I’d be allowed to come onto the program live, and respond…

Obviously, the guy saw my post and knew it was a response to their “report”…I don’t know if they expected me to come on and make a refutation, or discuss the projected image of pedosexuals in the media…or try to give some sort of perspective on Dr. Cantor’s work…or even just defend that “pedophilia is an orientation”…

…I don’t think this was necessarily about “me”…But that question remains up in the air.

They probably don’t encounter a lot of people, with strong opinions and incite on these issues that contradict pop culture wisdom.

Thank you for your incite, sir sympathy…

I strongly suspect you, and others, are correct…Likely no matter what slant, it would have devolved.

I don’t expect to get cozy with people like that…On the contrary…If the mood hits, I expect to skewer more such “reports” in the future…

…Just hope others appreciate [or at least forgive and ignore, if they find it not to their taste] my appetite for chewing up such things…

…I guess, contrary to what I [and at least one other person in this thread] thought…a page directed at interested people from the media is of valid use for me…I may have to decline future invitations…even if it is because a certain someone else thinks I’m a fool.


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