NBC Trying To Get Buzzfeed Critics BANNED, MAJOR Ethics Violation…

Date: February 06, 2019

01) NBC Trying To Get Buzzfeed Critics BANNED, MAJOR Ethics Violation

“Calling Out UNETHICAL Journalists Following Mass Layoffs at Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. Following the news many people began posting “learn to code” on twitter at these former clickbait writers. “Journalists” were outraged that anyone would dare be mean to them on social media and instantly began demanding twitter take action.

But no action was coming.

None of these users broke any rules by criticizing leftist writers for being bad at their jobs and Twitter agreed. But following this a new narrative emerged that it wasn’t simply means tweets, it was a coordinated far right campaign against journalism.

This is just another biased narrative pushed by activists to gain personally from the controversy. They use massive platforms to make changes at these companies that would benefit themselves and far left activists.”

There are a lot of people living as parasites on the internet, and on outrage and gossip culture.

…These malicious sociopaths actually have investors, who are willing to greatly reward [pay and support] them, for the vicious [often dehumanizing] things they do to other people…under the guise of “journalism”…

…This is honestly stunning…Their corner of the internet, is a modern day parallel to the Roman coliseum…

…I’m glad to see these sorts of sociopaths thrown out on their asses, and cut off from their financial support…

…Not only do they do utterly nothing to justify their lives and income…they act as agents of social chaos…

I’m reminded of the Nuremberg trials…and wonder if there is any path to holding these “investors” who made it all possible, accountable.

So many of the people in this equation [who want nothing to do with manual labor, or earning an honest and respect worthy living], are just people of financial privilege living the easy life…and picking the downtrodden who cannot easily fight back, to throw rocks at, injure and destroy…for their own financial gain…

…These sorts are predators.

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