Pedophiles’ Brains Show Abnormal Reaction to Kids’ Faces…

Date: February 11, 2019

01) Pedophiles’ Brains Show Abnormal Reaction to Kids’ Faces

Thanks to feinmann0!

“The brain circuits that respond to faces and sex appear to activate abnormally in pedophiles when they look at children’s faces, scientists say.

These new findings could lead to novel ways to diagnose pedophiles, and could shed light on the evolutionary roots of sex, the researchers added.

In the animal kingdom, there may be a number of mechanisms preventing adults from attempting sex with children. For example, “pheromones emitted by child mice inhibit sexual behavior of adult male mice,” said lead study author Jorge Ponseti, a sex researcher at Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany. “If scientists inhibited these pheromones in the child mice, adult male mice started to mate with these babies.”

In the men who were attracted to adults, images of adult faces activated a number of brain regions significantly more than child faces did. These areas of the brain, such as occipital areas, the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, the putamen and nucleus caudatus, are known to help people respond to both faces and sexual behavior. These same regions were significantly more active in pedophiles when they were shown child faces than when they were shown adult faces.

Jorge Ponseti conveniently fails to acknowledge widespread paedophilic behaviour across the animal kingdom where adults enjoy being sexually activity with their young. He disingenuously ignores this glaringly obvious elephant in the room to promote his own snake-oil salesman pseudo-scientific research.

Why is it that the piece is fronted with an image of a distraught child? Why is it that all paedophiles are painted as dangerous abusers of children? Why is it that the likes of Ponseti and Cantor refuse to research the massively damaging social problem of physical and emotional abuse of children in the family home?

The Nazi regime assign racial stereotyping to aid detection of a Jew … key physical characteristics were highlighted on charts through the depiction of particular hair and eye color plus nose and head measurements. Ponseti and Cantor are descriminating in precisely the same way almost a century later. Paedophiles are the new Jews.”

Yure provided us with a vast list of non-human species, where sexual contact between adults and children have been documented.

I want to do something with that list, eventually.

It sounds like Jorge is incompetent, at the very least…Which is pretty much par for the course, in that particular field.

You also noticed the graphic of the “weeping child”?…

…I read the article, before reading your comments…and that specific thing also caught my attention…It’s a very sleazy tactic…barely even subliminal, anymore…

2862_Pedophiles' Brains Show Abnormal Reaction to Kids' Faces

Images like this one [implying a child in peril or trauma] are usually accompanying these types of articles, in order to be psychologically suggestive and implant a certain type of notion into the mind of the reader.

I don’t remember the last time I ran across a “child sex abuse” article, which lacked this type of graphical propaganda.

4 thoughts on “Pedophiles’ Brains Show Abnormal Reaction to Kids’ Faces…

  1. Yure

    I got that list from Newgon. They give the references there too. We could buy the actual book most of those examples are taken from, it’s “Biological Exuberance”.

  2. octaevius

    I am certain that whatever “happens” in a Childlovers brain is identical to what happens in any human brain when they are sexually attracted to the human being viewed. Gender, Physical age, Race, sexual orientation etc. have nothing to do with it.


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