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As Seen On TV Toilet Gadgets TESTED!…

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Date: February 19, 2019

01) As Seen On TV Toilet Gadgets TESTED!

“Are these “As Seen On TV” Toilet Gadgets worth your money? Or should you just flush ’em? We TESTED strange toilet gadgets we could find and the results were extraordinary!

Astor Bidet: https://amzn.to/2PHzUo5
Sink Twice: https://amzn.to/2S5QQRT
Glow Bowl: https://amzn.to/2TAq1qT
Cell Throne: https://amzn.to/2OVZnFg
Invisibrush: https://amzn.to/2PKRY0M

I’ve thought about getting something along the lines of the Astor Bidet, in the past…It would save money on toilet paper, for sure…I expect you’d still need some for drying.

I never “took the splash”, though…they always seemed to be so expensive…and the water was only going to be cold, since it hooks into the water tap for the toilet…

They did make models that hooked into your sink taps, so…hot water could be introduced…but, you’d have to run the water till it got warm…you’d still likely have to suffer through the cold…

…and that is a harsh place to weather the cold!

The Sink Twice is really interesting to me…I love the idea…But it would still be cold water…

…Kind of don’t like that.

Not only that…the fact that the water has to come up through the toilet tank…it just seems…ick!…

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Nemo’s Garden: the first ever underwater cultivation of terrestrial plants…


Date: February 19, 2019

01) Nemo’s Garden

“Our underwater farm is composed of 6 air-filled clear plastic pods, anchored to the bottom of the sea by ropes, chains and weights screws, just off the coast of Noli, Italy. These acrylic structures, resembling large balloons, float at different depths, between 15 and 36 feet below the surface of the water”

02) Defiant Pioneers: Chapter 4 – Nemo’s Garden

“Father and son team Sergio and Luca Gamberini aren’t farmers. But despite having virtually no agricultural experience, they may have just found a long term solution to ensuring a good harvests in the last place any farmer would deem possible.

Read the full story at https://www.volvocars.com/uk/about/humanmade/discover-volvo/defiant-pioneers


Mike Pence Gets Owned By Crowd…

Date: February 19, 2019

01) Mike Pence Gets Owned By Crowd

“Mike Pence didn’t get much applause in Munich.

Vice President Mike Pence triggered an awkward moment during his speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Pence told attending international allies and foreign policy officials: “I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.”

Not a peep was heard from the audience in response.

After a full four seconds of silence, Pence continued on with his speech.


Florida sex offender granted asylum in Canada [May 17, 2014]…


Date: February 19, 2019

01) Florida sex offender granted asylum in Canada

“Denise Harvey is residing in Saskatchewan after being granted asylum…

A Florida sex offender, who claimed asylum in Saskatchewan, has been granted protected person status.

In 2008, Denise Harvey was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor. According to American media reports, the boy was 16-years-old and played on her son’s baseball team.

Harvey fled to Canada in 2010 before she could be sent to prison. She was sentenced to 30 years in jail and is still wanted in the United States.

Harvey claimed her sentence was cruel and unusual punishment and after arriving in Saskatchewan, she asked for asylum.

Her request for protected person status was heard by the Immigration Review Board (IRB) in July of 2012 and the IRB granted her request because it agreed her sentence was indeed cruel and unusual punishment and the crime she was convicted of is not a crime in Canada.”

I find the comments of Chris Alexander to be grossly ignorant…but, I’m not posting them, as I’ve already posted nearly half the article…

It seems Chris imagines residents of the USA cannot possibly comprehend, what true persecution is…

…as if the buffoon doesn’t realize, that life devastating persecution is alive and well, in the USA…It’s just reserved for the minorities who cannot fight back and defend themselves.

The USA is a hell hole of human rights violations, for many, many people…and Denise Harvey was right to seek asylum, over this atrocious, unspeakable monstrosity of a violation.

Florida has some of the most ass backwards laws and penalties, aimed at people and situations like that of Denise Harvey.

It is truly pathetic…that anyone [MAP or otherwise] would have to legitimately flee the USA [ridiculously called “the land of the free”], under circumstances such as these…

…The USA is pathetic and shameful.

…This country brings great shame to me, as a vet.

…I would have never fought to defend and propagate, this cowardly, pathetic, inhumane sham of a country which exists today.

It’s treatment of humans is down right disgraceful…and it’s “first rate” reputation for “championing” human rights, is a down right sickening facade…It’s a bold faced lie…told and held up, by people who don’t even care that it’s a bold faced lie.

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