MAPs irl Episode 2…


Date: February 19, 2019

01) MAPs irl Episode 2

“Musicians whose music appears in this podcast aren’t affiliated with it in any way unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Every person on this podcast only represents themselves and not any organisation or group they might belong to unless explicitly stated otherwise.”

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4 thoughts on “MAPs irl Episode 2…

  1. feinmann0

    Some good discussion there, highlighting the therapeutic benefits of meeting face to face with other MAPS. Seems to me the only place in the world where such an opportunity might be realised is via B4UAct in Baltimore. It used to happen in Europe, but no more.

    Interesting to hear what the German speaker says about the German Government sponsored Project Dunkfeld specifically the assumption within that agency that every MAP is a ticking time bomb primed to commit a sex offence at any moment. Such a project is part of the problem in that, like every Western Government, it attempts to eradicate minor attraction … it should instead be encouraging society to accept and embrace those attracted to kids.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I fell asleep while in the middle of listening…so, I’ll have to go back and listen again…I snagged a copy, so…I can do so whenever, and however many times I like…I even have an MP3 of the audio…so, I can put it on my iPod.

      “It used to happen in Europe, but no more.”

      Europe has been the relatively more progressive, as far back as I recall…

      It’s bizarre to realize, that a change like this has happened…in the USA, of all places.

      I think I have Project Dunkfeld linked in the EQF Community Links…

      It’s much more demanding, looking into foreign organizations like this…Plus, I decided to be inclusive of “nomap” viewpoints, a handful of years back.

      Over all…Project Dunkfeld seemed like a type of B4U-ACT.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I don’t know him well enough, to say much here.

      He was doing the Juice Box podcast, wasn’t he?…Not sure if he was involved with the Audiophile podcast, as I’ve never heard any episodes.

      I’m pleased to see MAPs taking the initiative to do podcasts, again…But, I also think that we need something a bit broader in scope and opinion, than what I’ve seen so far from MAPs irl…

      …I don’t believe another Pedologues is going to survive, in this era…but something leaning a bit more in that direction would be nice…Maybe something that straddles the middle ground between MAPs irl and Pedologues?

      In some regards…I sense they’re both polarized.


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