Jussie Smollett Faces FEDERAL Prison Time, FBI Involved from DAY ONE…

Date: February 20, 2019

01) Jussie Smollett Faces FEDERAL Prison Time, FBI Involved from DAY ONE

The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun:

“The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun. While politicians either refuse to comment or outright delete tweets many high profile journalists from CNN and The Washington Post are claiming that journalists reported this correctly.

However, this is just plain not true. This appears to be Covington all over again as Mediaite produced a massive list of journalists from organizations such as Reuters, ABC, NBC, who pushed the narrative as fact. Many others from digital outlets acted as activists pushing what we believe now to be fake news.

Leftists and far left personalities defend the media claiming it was only activists and celebrities pushing the Jussie Smollett’s narrative but its just not true.

The Jussie Smollett story continues to expose activists pretending to be journalists.”


Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes:

“Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes. New evidence and reporting suggest that Jussie Smollett may have PAID two men to stage the crime against himself and this has left many people wondering why.

The answer may be relatively simple. Media reports the claims without verification, activists parade the story around to push for policy, and many people just seek to gain power and a following.

Jussie denies any wrongdoing but his claims about two men yelling “this is maga country” seem absurd now that we know who the two other men involved are.

The question we are left with is why would he stage this hoax and risk his entire career?”

This is the culmination of a predictable trend…people feeling “justified” in lying about being the victim of a hate crime…when they are the one who orchestrated this “hate crime”, all along.

It will be interesting to watch this case play out…

…I cant say as I am feeling all too sorry for Jussie, as things stand.

Having spent much of my life, being targeted by violent threats, vulgar degradation other screwy lunacy…I can tell you that I take an especially ill view of it, wherever I see people faking and exploiting this very real problem.

A lot of us don’t even get taken seriously, when we bring up our own experiences with these issues.

When high profile people who’ve won the lottery of life, who don’t even need protective intervention, do this type of thing…it serves as a theft of social goodwill, towards the untold numbers of nameless people who do need it.

This problem desperately needs to be curbed.

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