Telford abuse: Victim numbers ‘sensationalised’ says police chief…

Date: February 20, 2019

01) Telford abuse: Victim numbers ‘sensationalised’ says police chief

“Reports on the scale of sexual abuse in Telford are “sensationalised”, a police chief has said.

West Mercia Police Supt Tom Harding “significantly disputed” the figures.

“I don’t believe Telford is any worse than lots of places across England and Wales,” he said.”

2 thoughts on “Telford abuse: Victim numbers ‘sensationalised’ says police chief…

  1. feinmann0

    How perfectly symmetrical …

    Government introduces a scheme whereby anyone who has suffered sexual abuse at any time in the past – no time limits – can be called a victim, and as such they must be believed – irrespective of whether they are telling the truth or not – and expect their alledged abuser to be found guilty in a court of law, sent to prison and be put on the sex offender register for the rest of their life – irrespective of whether they indeed commited a crime in the first place, and irrespective of any evidence being placed before the court.

    The scheme is an extraordinarily lucrative one – any victim can expect to receive a handsome financial reward from the government for the trauma they purport to have suffered – plus a further reward if they sell their story to the media.

    The scheme guarantees lifelong anonymity to the victim – to ensure no fraudulent claim is ever discovered – whereas the abuser name and personal details together with his photograph is broadcast by a voracious media for the delectation of the baying public revelling in so much schadenfreude, not least the conferring of lifelong leper status onto the alleged abuser.

    The scheme has inevitably become hugely popular, indeed it has created a stampede of victims racing to law enforcement’s door. Unfortunately, with so many victims, some region has to be top of the UK’s false allegations league, and at this particular time it just happens to be Telford.

    Well who’d a thunk it!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think the article is a year old…but, yeah…

      All those “authorities” must be self hating masochists, to put themselves through all of this!

      But, hey!…Maybe they can just steeply increase the fines, and court ordered [“offender” paid] therapies and “services”, on “offenders” who can no longer get hired, to help pay for a massive expansion?

      They’re experts at milking this type of human chattel, after all.


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