Should the Sex Offender Registry Be Abolished?…

Date: February 21, 2019

01) Should the Sex Offender Registry Be Abolished?…

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“Should the sex offender registry be abolished? Watch a live debate with sociologist Emily Horowitz, author of “Protecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us,” and Marci Hamilton from the University of Pennsylvania.”

6 thoughts on “Should the Sex Offender Registry Be Abolished?…

  1. feinmann0

    Hamilton comes across as an unremitting lawyerly huckster, supplying zero evidence to back up her hysterical and inaccurate claims, whilst simultaneously belittling the solid scientific evidence put forward by Horowitz, her opponent. The final vote likely reflected an objection to Hamilton’s fraudulent style.

    The Marcie Hamilton’s of this world suffer from a mental health disorder causing them to suppress freedom of expression whenever they see it, thus making this world a worse place to live in for everyone. Such a perverted and harmful disorder should be treated aggressively by mental health professionals via cognitive behavioural therapy sessions with an aim to render such belief systems inert.

    As usual, the elephant in the room factoid gets ignored, thereby demeaning the debate: the primary suppliers of ‘obscene’ images of children, loosely termed ‘child porn’, are the kids themselves. Now why is that? Why are we treating so many adults so inhumanely when all the while the kids themselves evidentially enjoy behaving sexily?

    Answers on a postcard please … unlimited power and control over the masses is my guess.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yeah…I get the frozen, black heart vibe from Hamilton…

      You’re right…It would be nice to think, that such a condition could be overcome.

      About the closest they get to acknowledging kids sexual desire, is Emily Horowitz’s admission, that kids make us such a large chuck of “child sexual abuse”…

      …Hardly an ideal way to frame childhood [and teen] sexuality…but…That’s normal for these types.

      I still appreciate her arguments against the SOR.

      1. feinmann0

        Absolutely, and if the UN had been doing its job properly, they would have successfully prosecuted the US and the UK for the lifelong inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment meted out to tens of thousands of offenders once they have left prison.

  2. feinmann0

    Sorry to harp on about the poisonous fork-tongued Hamilton, but just wanted to highlight her disinformation style of argumentation courtesy of an excerpt from Tom Grauer’s Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto:

    “Even though the rape of a 5-year-old by his or her father is very much unlike the camera-prostitution of a 14- year-old teenager exploding with sex-hormones, the Blue Knights will use the former case to advocate for penalizing an infinity of men for things related to the latter case. This, they call ‘fighting pedophilia.’ A Motte and Bailey tactic.”

    post script: I will link Tom’s piece via OLF’s Submit Content shortly, of course given Stevie D’s permission.


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