A Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto…

Date: February 25, 2019

01) A Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto by Tom Grauer

Thanks to feinmann0!

“An excellent attempt at highlighting the injustices suffered by hetereosexual men whenever they are discovered by a gynocentrist society to be ‘perving’ at (also known as being attracted to), and thus implicitly a danger to underage females.

However, there are few words in this ~10,000 word essay about attraction to underage males.

“Male Sexualism is men’s single authentic resistance movement. We resist the Puritan-Feminist onslaught against our sexuality and against our very being. We
resist the criminalization of normal, healthy, heterosexual male sexuality. We resist the rule of low-testosterone, effete degenerates who hate their own masculinity over virile men. We resist the rule of Female Supremacists who consider the female sense of comfort to be civilization’s supreme and ultimate value. And we resist the fear-mongering campaigns conducted by cynical, Machiavellian, despotic agents of the state who wish nothing less than to usher in our total subjugation to their Puritan-Feminist tyranny.

Male Sexualism is not actually a ‘pedophile movement’, whatever that even means. Actual pedophilia, i.e. attraction to prepubescents, is both rare and overwhelmingly homosexual. That’s not the banner representing our worldview, although we may find some allies among that crowd, if they will see us as their allies, which is rather doubtful.

(Obviously, if ‘pedophilia’ means ‘attraction to teenagers who exhibit signs of fertility,’ then every single heterosexual man with healthy testosterone levels is a
‘pedophile,’ and in that case, we are indeed a ‘pedophile movement’)”

I suggest that Grauer makes two fundamental mistakes here. First, paedophilia is not rare … if it was, there would be far fewer individuals on sex offender registers. It is rather like the government ingenuously claiming false accusations are rare, when in fact they are numerous. Second, prepubescent girl lovers outnumber prepubescent boy lovers by at least 10 to 1 (roughly equivalent to the ratio between heterosexual men and homosexual men).

Why does Grauer make such glaring mistakes? In my opinion boy-love is an inconvenient truth that is conveniently discarded to present a simplifed Male Sexualist formula. By doing this, Grauer advertently discriminates against those of us males who happen to be naturally sexually attracted to boys.”

I agree…”Pedophilia” [including the actual orientation, itself] is nowhere near as rare, as most people presume.

…An personal opinion, yes…but an educated, informed and rationally intuitive opinion.

I also agree, that BoyLove is a form of male sexualism….

…In fact, it’s such a pure form of male sexualism…that it omits the females…and it’s all about male sexuality.

3 thoughts on “A Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    One thing I would also add…is that he’s correct about who is allowed to define “sex” and “sexuality”…

    …This has been a problem, throughout recorded history…people boxing human sexuality into these rigid concepts, and trying to abolish it’s representation [and how we talk about it] as anything else.

    It’s like…

    …Excuse me?!…Who are you, to dictate the quality and nature of my life experiences?!

    It is entirely about manipulation, and subjugating people.

  2. Pete

    Yes your corrections are, I believe, correct Steve. Mr Guaer is as totally straight as can be, and like all such men, is attracted to post-pubescent and pubescent girls. As I often state, any man who denies this fact is either gay or a liar.

    If I find a new blog by Tom Guaer (he keeps deleting them, despite having some of the best thinking, follower contribution and illustration I’ve seen in blogging), I will remind him of what you rightly advise above….

    Note the full manifesto is recorded via Archive.org.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “…he keeps deleting them, despite having some of the best thinking, follower contribution and illustration I’ve seen in blogging…”

      There is this person [on WordPress or BlogSpot, I don’t recall which]…with a rather great blog, detailed on legal matters of concern to people like MAPs…and every stinking three…four…six months, the blog disappears and pops up under a slightly different URL…

      I was going to add it into the EQF Community Links but this person keeps deleting the damn blog, and moving it to a different URL [on the same service]…I don’t know if they’re paranoid…mentally ill…or what…

      …Who knows?…Maybe they stole all the content, and they’re trying to stay two steps ahead of a copyright claim?

      …But it drives me absolutely up the wall, when people do this.

      I don’t know who wants to participate, when things just keep getting taken down…That’s not a good game to be playing.


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