Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives…

Date: February 28, 2019

01) Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives

“Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives At Facebook. In an interview with a former Facebook insider Veritas discusses ways in which Facebook was targeting meme culture and conservative users. Documents published show that using certain words could get you listed as a troll and high profile conservatives like Stephen Crowder and Mike Cernovich were being suppressed by Facebook.

The main issue here is that so long as these tech giantslike Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube embrace the far left, and social justice intersectional feminism while banning conservatives and the right they are forcing the creation of alternative or parallel economies which is the next step in civil conflict.

If the censorship continues and alternative platforms continue to grow we are heading toward a very unstable future.”

Tim is correct…Social media companies are only becoming part of the problem, preventing social cohesion…

With rare exception…people of different perspectives are not communicating with each other, in good faith…

…Instead…they are isolated groups squabbling amongst themselves, over “what those other people are doing, want and intend”.

Even if their are some people who you will never be able to get through to…there is generally nothing good, about forcing opposing groups apart…not where it comes to opportunities to communicate.

2 thoughts on “Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives…

  1. Socialist

    “Social media companies are only becoming part of the problem”

    Perhaps THIS is the year someone else will get their alternative up and running. There’s no reason there cannot be a distributed, self-organizing, uncensorable version of any social media platform.

    We’ve seen some tiny steps with BitChute and Dissenter and Minds and SubscribeStar, but these are baby steps, and they go in the wrong direction, because they still enable censorship and retaliation. But I think better solutions are coming, both in the “say” and “pay” spaces this year. Governments and corporations are trampling people’s ability to speak, and that’s the biggest motivator to ensure that ability cannot be taken away again.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes…I’m having an ongoing problem with Dissenter/Gab, as I’ve briefly discussed here:

      These services are no good, if they’re just going to be fork tongued hypocrites, and discriminate against their own chosen targets.

      I’m hoping to work through this, hammer out an understanding [concrete guidelines and understandings regarding MAPs on the platform], get them to take a clear stance, and get back back to testing out Dissenter…

      I cant link my Gab account to this blog, in the same way I can my Twitter account…and given the past history, I don’t see WordPress opening up that option for Gab…

      I have to manually share my blog posts on Gab…But with Dissenter, it was a tad bit easier to share my blog posts on Gab…I was exploring that option, as I’d like to bring my account into a more active state.

      It is time for a genuine solution to these problems, yes.

      …And the big companies?…

      …A lot of us are online, to get away from these establishment companies…And now these companies are trying to move in, and usurp our online spaces, which used to be free of them.


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