M.A. Voice: Issue 39 – March 03, 2019…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

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Date: March 03, 2019

01) Finlay: Response to “Reconciling Dichotomous Perspectives”

02) Tom O’Carroll: Childhood ‘Innocence’ is Not Ideal: Virtue Ethics and Child–Adult Sex

PDF Download

03) Pro-Pedo Front: Debunking: “Why pro-contact pedophile arguments are bullshit (by a pedophile)”

04) Analecto: The United Nations might ban “lolicon” and “shotacon”

05) Hikari: Action Plan/Message to the U.N. (Work In Progress)

As discussed earlier…not only can you not have sex toys that make anyone think of “children”…but now, the United Nations has decided for the rest of us, that we should also not have lolicon, shotacon…or something they are calling “underage drawings and cartoons”…

…It seems written stories of fiction, may also be in their aim.

…And, they want it criminalized…complete with full prosecutions…fines…prison…”sex offender” registry…

…The United Nations is now teetering on the edge, of becoming a terrorist organization, pushing for gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

– Steve

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4 thoughts on “M.A. Voice: Issue 39 – March 03, 2019…

  1. Hikari

    Hi, nice list, and thanks for sharing my post! Yes, the U.N. proposal doesn’t just affect MAPs, it could affect anyone from YTP’ers who are depicting this stuff for comedic effect to people who like DD/lg and ageplay. Just an observation, I was a bit confused where to click to find the links. You might want to tell people to click the globe.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you!

      I use small, clickable graphics, because sometimes the URLs get so long that it “runs off the page”…It’s just quicker and easier, for me to do this…

      I do have this information available, on the right side of this blog…and it’s on the “welcome” page, I’m almost certain…Not sure if it’s currently in the audio message forum…

      This is why the “Welcome” graphic tries to stand out so “loud”…I try to pull people into a quick orientation of this blog…There is a lot of energy that’s been put into explaining how this blog works.

      Thank you for visiting! 🙂


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