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Dissenter Browser Extension: The Comment Section of the Internet…


Date: March 05, 2019

01) Dissenter Browser Extension

“Dissenter is the comment section of the Internet. Install the extension and comment on any URL while also discovering what others have commented across the web. For the full experience and more features visit Dissenter.com.”

02) Fight Censorship With Gab Dissenter!

This extension works with Chrome, Brave, Opera, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, and Safari…possibly others.

01) Open up an account at Gab.ai

02) If you don’t already have it, download and install Google Chrome.

03) Install the Google Chrome Dissenter extension.

Once you have it running, you can click on your profile icon, click on the “download” option, and find the download links for the other browsers…with instructions for installation.

The new icon that is added to your web browser.

STP004_Dissenter Browser Extension 01

What opens, when you click on it.

STP004_Dissenter Browser Extension 02

Browsers you can download for.

STP004_Dissenter Browser Extension 00

I cant and wont tell you, that you should use this for MAP issues…I’m not sure of all the possible hazards…

…But I will say…the potential for completely unleashed free speech, is possibly in the realm of what this extension offers…

Is this the Web 3.0 technology, that a certain someone was alluding to in the past?

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‘Where to Find the Links’ – And a Facelift for the OLF Welcome Page…


Date: March 04, 2019

I finally gave Our Love Frontier’s Welcome Page a facelift, and an update.

I’ve also more directly addressed one of the issues, which sometimes comes up on this blog…creating a recording to explain things…which I’ve embedded into it’s own section of the Welcome Page…and included in the OLF Audio Message Forum, on the righthand side of this blog.

For those unaware…the primary links I am responding to [or giving as citation] are hyperlinked via a small graphic…It may be a button…a jewel…a spinning ball…

I chose to do this, because sometimes web URLs get very long…and I’ve been blogging for so many years, that I’ve simply gotten tired of fussing with them so they don’t disrupt the structure of the blog post [ie: keep running on, way off the side of the screen]…and the obscenely long URLs just plain look ugly, in my opinion.

The URLs are concealed behind some sort of small graphic, next to a 01) ‘Link Title Here’.

This is how I do things, here…

As a rule…if I bring over links out of things I’m quoting, I just link them as they appear in the original quote.

Finding the Links:

This information has always been available at the Welcome Page, in the audio welcome message…But, it’s 13 minutes long, and a lot of people apparently don’t like listening to it.

I confess…the recording is a bit wordy, and slightly rambling at points…but for all the information it imparts, it’s also fairly compact for an orientation to this blog.

Hopefully, I’ve still got the raw text I used to create this file…pretty sure I do…Eventually, I plan on redoing that recording…slimming it down, and leaving out the “noise machine” intro and outro…

I hope todays work has helped things run more smoothly, around here.

– Steve


Bernie Returns to Chicago to Launch 2020 Campaign…

Date: March 04, 2019

01) Bernie Returns to Chicago to Launch 2020 Campaign

“BERNIE 2020 LAUNCH IN CHICAGO: At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the time I spent in Chicago changed my life and helped shape me into the person I am today.

Tonight we are back in Chicago to launch our campaign for president and say: we are going to transform this country. We are going to build a nation based on justice, with a government and economy that works for all and not just those on top.”

Cooking and Eating Rats…


Date: March 04, 2019

01) Cooking and Eating Rats. Paiute Deadfall Trap in Action Part 3. Bushcraft Survival Skills

“Catching, Cooking and Eating a Huge Killer Rat. Part 3 of the Paiute Deadfall Primitive Trap Series for Bushcraft Survival Skills.”

This may sound crazy…but, I think I’d actually like to try doing this…

…Catch a few rats…cook them and eat them…

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Alec in WILDerland talks about the YouTube comments ban…

Date: March 04, 2019

01) This Hurts More than a Stupid Comment

“YouTube recently banned all comments on over 200 of our videos. This is my take on the matter and my apology to you guys. We will have more to say on the matter in the coming days.”

I feel really bad for Alec…

…I’m conflicted, on who to hold responsible…

…I mean…I’ve been to various channels, where I’ve seen the exact sorts of comments which YouTube is currently losing it’s mind over…and it’s always left a bit of exasperation in the back of my mind, because…it’s like…”you guys know, this can only serve to cause trouble”…trouble for us MAPs…and you don’t even know, who all that trouble will spread to…

Some of those comments are bound to be plants…from people who’ve wanted to impose their will over YouTube, and it’s users…the busybody zealot sorts, who’ve wanted to force YouTube’s hand, to shut down comments on the accounts of kids [and kid related channels]…And I’ll bet their quite giddy and proud of themselves, right now…

…But, realistically…it cannot be known, how many of these comments were being left, by MAPs who were just being crass and careless.

And, yes…if you have been on YouTube for as long as I have, as a MAP…you know there are insanely paranoid people, absolutely obsessed over getting the comments on these types of channels turned off…It’s been a goal that’s out there, for a number of years…And they’ve managed to find an exploitative way, to push it through.

For the very small “problem” that this is [and who knows how much of it is fake]…they’ve really managed to screw over a large chunk of the YouTube community…and nobody is happy over what has been done to them.

I’ve known about Alec in WILDerland for years…but I’ve never shared his videos on any of my blogs before [and I’ve only rarely watched them]…In fact, as a matter of normal course…I avoid sharing anything from a channel, run by anyone under 18…It’s not that I’m concerned about MAPs who visit this blog…I just know from experience, the kind of crap you run into…whenever you are a MAP who starts taking a positive, constructive interest in a “child” media creator…

I don’t even use my YouTube accounts, to leave comments on YouTube videos, anymore…because the problem is so bad, you cannot even leave the most mundane and innocent of comments, without some devious shit going behind the scenes, to spook people into blocking you…which you might discover a year or two later, when you contemplate checking to see if a young creator is up to anything new…

Yes…there are people on YouTube, who are absolutely pathetic enough to spend their lives doing this…I speak from experience.

If I happen to watch “a kid’s video”…I do so silently…And it’s impossible to do that, if you blog about the video…It’s frustrating, especially when you come across a really great channel like Alec in WILDerland…A lot of their videos would fit perfectly, in a few of my “Frontier” series…Now that he’s an adult…maybe I’ll reconsider, with his channel…Nobody can accuse me of anything, now.

Just Getting Started – The 2019 Campaign!:

“Thanks for checking out the campaign! We are excited to finally launch our first FUNdraiser in almost a year! There are many different ways to help if you are able. Even sharing the video or campaign page helps a ton! Because of the YT comment issues we are already running a day late!

When you have time please check out the full campaign page and see all the Perks. I am so proud of our community and the quality of adventure content we will continue to provide with a successful campaign!

It’s going to be a WILD year of celebrations!”