‘Where to Find the Links’ – And a Facelift for the OLF Welcome Page…


Date: March 04, 2019

I finally gave Our Love Frontier’s Welcome Page a facelift, and an update.

I’ve also more directly addressed one of the issues, which sometimes comes up on this blog…creating a recording to explain things…which I’ve embedded into it’s own section of the Welcome Page…and included in the OLF Audio Message Forum, on the righthand side of this blog.

For those unaware…the primary links I am responding to [or giving as citation] are hyperlinked via a small graphic…It may be a button…a jewel…a spinning ball…

I chose to do this, because sometimes web URLs get very long…and I’ve been blogging for so many years, that I’ve simply gotten tired of fussing with them so they don’t disrupt the structure of the blog post [ie: keep running on, way off the side of the screen]…and the obscenely long URLs just plain look ugly, in my opinion.

The URLs are concealed behind some sort of small graphic, next to a 01) ‘Link Title Here’.

This is how I do things, here…

As a rule…if I bring over links out of things I’m quoting, I just link them as they appear in the original quote.

Finding the Links:

This information has always been available at the Welcome Page, in the audio welcome message…But, it’s 13 minutes long, and a lot of people apparently don’t like listening to it.

I confess…the recording is a bit wordy, and slightly rambling at points…but for all the information it imparts, it’s also fairly compact for an orientation to this blog.

Hopefully, I’ve still got the raw text I used to create this file…pretty sure I do…Eventually, I plan on redoing that recording…slimming it down, and leaving out the “noise machine” intro and outro…

I hope todays work has helped things run more smoothly, around here.

– Steve


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