Mom of ‘Desmond is Amazing’ Reported to CPS, by a YouTuber Who Fully Admits Her Complaint is Based Upon Legal, Online Videos…


Date: March 08, 2019

01) Desmonds MOM Confronts Me.

“I really want this to be looked into. This child deserves a healthy childhood.” – AnnaMae Renee

She does not even know the family…and admits there is a lot of speculation, in her complaint…

A little bit off the beaten path…but this absolutely ties in, not only with things that a lot of us MAPs have been subjected to…but with contemptuous, manipulative and paranoid behavior, anyone can fall victim to.

There has been something of an outrage storm, going on in the conservative/religious section of YouTube, regarding “Desmond is Amazing”, his celebrity and performances…

Of course…there are a lot of people, who have no direct knowledge of the situation, who are morally outraged and wanting to have Desmond removed from his home. There has even been a lot of talk, about reporting his parents to Child Protective Services…

…and AnnaMae Renee confesses, that she did just that…and walks us through the aftermath…with an inclusion of her own dictations, on how “Desmond’s life is supposed to be”…making further demand of his mother, to respond with answers to her interrogation…

A number of these sorts of people, have been stalking, digging and collecting information on Desmond and his parents…because they are losing their minds, over Desmond having pranced around on the stage of a gay bar…and throwing off his jacket.

These are people who are clearly letting their imaginations run wild, and spinning a story that “Desmond is in danger”…when there is really nothing to justify that conclusion.

One of the reasons why we fight…is to push back and stand up against this type of online bullying and harassment…

AnnaMae scoffs at being called a bully and a stalker…but that is quite literally, what she has engaged in…

…And there is something wrong, with anyone who cannot self assess…and see that they have crossed a line here.

She even ends the video, with demands towards the mother…she demands the mother submits to her questioning…otherwise…?…

…This is clearly sociopathic behavior.

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4 thoughts on “Mom of ‘Desmond is Amazing’ Reported to CPS, by a YouTuber Who Fully Admits Her Complaint is Based Upon Legal, Online Videos…

  1. JJN

    I understand the outrage of what she did and she horribly mis-worded herself in her original comment (the one that got posted to Desmond’s page) but if you think someone’s in danger you should at least do SOMETHING about it right? If you saw a child in a hot car and you’ve noticed they’ve been in there for a good amount of time, would you do something about it or keep watching to see what happens?

    Anna was trying to help the child, but using a viewpoint from egoism, “People, when they try to help others, tend to do more harm than good so we shouldn’t help people.” My bet is she was trying to be more Utilitarian especially for such a controversial topic such as “drag kids”. As for those trying to call CPS on this person now, it’s pointless for them and with the most basic of research you can now find decent proof he isn’t in danger, at least from the evidence presented…

    On a side note: There are two completely different points of views colliding here but from the point of likes vs. dislikes on all of Desmond’s mom’s social media vs Anna’s YouTube and twitter, they’re about even in support. This to me raises a point that this is a matter of opinion rather than right vs. wrong. Look forward to any response you have!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you for this thoughtful response. 🙂

      I appreciate what you have to express…though, I do think the “hot car” example is extremely different…and you can at least look in, to decipher whether a child is likely in danger.

      This case…and what I was really looking at…is the level of paranoia going on…and this ladies approach…

      Reality is…these people were responding to something, which was/is going on entirely in their own imaginations…based off of the flimsiest of sources.

      A lot of things get exaggerated, by those who cannot “see the forest for the trees”.

      I grew up deeply in a conservative, religious setting…So, I recognize this type of behavior very well…and it’s something that really grates on me…

      …Which is why I likely came off a bit more stern here, than usual.

      I hate to see this type of behavior…especially when it is that level of aggressive.

      …A part of me…it down right angers.

      We all have things about us…where if a closer look is taken…we eventually start to appear “weird”…Yet, we need to understand, “weird” does not mean “bad”…And people need to stop “other-ing” those unlike themselves.

      There was never any good reason, to believe the mother of Desmond would have ever allowed him to be in danger…

      …Sadly…it does not shock me, that some people’s minds go straight to the worst, most unsubstantiated conclusion.

  2. Hikari

    The reasons people say they don’t like DiA:
    “I’m gay but this makes me uncomfortable”

    “drag is not for kids”
    why not? and he has his own haus for kids anyway

    “he’s being exploited”
    proof please?

    I think it’s telling that people are saying they’re so worried about him getting exploited when most of them wouldn’t nearly as worried seeing a child acting in a movie or doing any other sort of work, but those kids are just as likely to be exploited; parents taking all of the child actor’s money isn’t unheard of.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      When it comes to mobs like this…they are clearly reacting to the imaginations in their own minds.

      From what I’ve seen…there was never any good reason to believe Desmond was in danger.

      People who think life is supposed to happen between narrow parameters, often get upset when they see something they’re not used to.


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