A Federation Is Born! – Don’t Read Too Much Into This…


Date: March 15, 2019

The EQ. Foundation and Our Love Frontier are proud to announce, the arrival of the Magnificent Wrestling Federation!

I am now running an E-Fed, based upon the Fire Pro Wrestling simulator.

You are allowed to completely ignore everything appearing in this posting series.

I’ll write tidbits of story for this…at least when I feel up to doing so…There may be long stretches where I don’t…The storytelling is going to be goofy…possibly stupid, at points…probably best, early on…as I can draw upon old ideas I’ve had in my head for years.

This is comedy…It’s intended to be for a laugh.

…There will be references to the real world…but, this is still comedy…

Nearly every character is capable of winning a match [if that weren’t the case, what would be the sense in having them in the mix?]…even when their chances are very slim…

I wont normally do this…but, I may adapt existing MAP personas into this project [IE: I could not pass up on having THE BoyLove Vampyre]…Don’t take it hard, if I create a character based on “you”, and that character gets defeated…If it’s a chronic issue, I’ll try to retool the character a bit.

Don’t feel snubbed, if I never make a character based on you…The roster is already bigger than I wanted it to be, starting off. We’ll periodically do some rotation of characters…some will leave…get “injured”…”retire”…be gone…and someone else will arrive to fill the void…So, there’s eventual opportunity for new faces.

There are a few overpowered “monsters” in this roster…but, I’ve mostly aimed for a balanced roster, where good matches are being performed.

Until/unless I figure out how to use a modern spreadsheet…there will be no official rankings, nor win/loss record keeping…This may never happen, at all…it’s kind of tedious…

In order to challenge for a championship, one must have won a “#1 Contender” match…In order to get into said match, one must have won their previous match…so, there is a tiny bit of climbing and momentum, that must be established.

The Video Quality:

I’ll address the obvious before we start…

I’ve already recorded and uploaded the entire “Magnificent Championship” tournament…

I’m not really good or experienced with video…but I knew I could not be dealing with a multiple gigabyte file, for every single match…and I knew I did not want to upload monster sized files, that would take hours…and get screwed up, if I lost connection in that time.

I hammered out a process, which requires me converting an MP4 file to WMV…re-code that file into a much smaller [size ratio] WMV…then uploading that file to YouTube…

The “up” side, is that the matches have thus far been roughly 15 to 40 MB…and few have taken much more then six or seven minutes to upload…

…The “down” side, is that they aren’t great quality…though I can use YouTube code, to force browsers to display them in a specific [height and width] dimension…So, they’re small…they may be a tad hard to make out every detail…but, there shouldn’t be outrageous distortion, and you should be able to comprehend what is going on.

I might make the main events better quality…and special matches, as well…but I expect most of “the under card” to be like what you first see.

If it turns out the better quality isn’t to big of a pain, I may stop downsizing the files before upload…I like the better quality, anyway…and being able to skip an editing step, might be a good trade off…I don’t know.

Each “show” will have five or six matches.

I guess that is all, for now.

The next post in this series, will be our first card.

There is no set schedule…But I’ll try to have something new, every couple of weeks.


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