“Drag Kid” Family Investigated By Child Protective Services…

Date: March 16, 2019

01) “Drag Kid” Family Investigated By Child Protective Services

“”Drag Kid” Family Investigated By Child Protective Services. Desmond Is Amazing’s family announced on Instagram that they had been under investigation by Child Protective Services as well as many other law enforcement agencies. Many complaints were filed with the local and state government over videos depicting children removing clothing at a bar in exchange for money from the audience. While many on the left and far left downplay this as a simple drag show others have likened it to adult performances. Currently on Youtube comments are being disabled for wholesome family channels over a fear of bad people on the platform yet Desmond’s Youtube channel remains untouched and fine. Some have argued that social justice activists and the far left are blinding people to the obvious and allowing “drag kid” performances while banning other innocuous content.”

This has got to be the most liberal, loose and reaching definitions of “stripping” I’ve seen yet.

It is straight out dishonest and pathetic, in my opinion…a distortion for the purpose of spreading moral outrage.

They don’t want people who think and act a certain way…so they try to get those people taken away, from the people who allow them to think and act that way…

This is much ado about nothing, from what I’ve seen.

…Just a bunch of people aggressively going on and on, about their own moral outrage.

Possibly…the only thing that might make me pause, is the intertwining with the “club kid” guy who murdered his drug dealer…But even there, the guy served his time in prison…presumably, he’s cleaned himself up enough to get along in society…What do we do?…hold this stuff over everybody’s head, forever?…never move past it?

Stripping for Money:

In my opinion…stripping for money is an ethical, moral act…so long as it is wantingly entered into, by all parties involved.

With a case like this one…where you’ve got a boy taking off a top layer of clothing, and prancing/dancing around in an under layer of clothing…it’s not naked stripping…

…it’s a parody…

…And that is the massive elephant in the room, here.

…People aren’t generally taking this serious…It’s just a cute parody…which some people are trying to turn into a dark scandal.

This situation reminds me a lot of the original Chippendiddys…a group which in later incarnation, succumbed to a “G Rated” makeover…which destroyed the whole novelty, and challenging artistic value of this act. Not to say the 2000’s Chippendiddys weren’t cute and talented dancers…but, they were no longer what they were supposed to be…and they were a lot more bland and unremarkable…

…Just another example of the morally outraged destroying interesting, important social culture.

So long as it is happening in a protected environment…I see nothing wrong with children dancing, performing…even stripping fully naked for money…provided they enjoy doing that sort of thing [and deny this, as some people will…there are children who do enjoy doing this]…

It is not a shameful act to be naked, nor to be enjoyed in your nakedness…nor to enjoy your own nakedness…nor to enjoy that others are enjoying your nakedness…nor to accept the “frosting on the cake”, of money in exchange for being naked…and/or dancing.

Children are part of our species and culture…They should be allowed to take part in it.

Kids Performing Adult Sexual Acts:

…or kids being “pushed into adult sexual acts”…

Let’s keep something in mind here…

…Desmond is eleven, now?…

Statistically speaking…Desmond is highly likely to be in the early stages of puberty…which is a process, happening over several years…

A lot of people have this notion…that the appearance of pubic [and other bodily] hair is “the starting point” of puberty…but this is grossly mistaken…The sexual awakening of puberty very often starts, two or three years before the appearance of pubic hair…[which on average, is there by thirteen or fourteen years of age]…Even with a perfectly smooth, “baby like” body…you can have a fully developed sex drive, years before hitting your teens.

I know this from personal experience, because I was exactly one of those types of boys…We do exist.

People act like there is something wrong, with little kids who have a strong interest in sex and sexual stimulation…and who get sexually aroused, a lot…They try to hide these kids away…put them on drugs and in “programs” to recondition them…lock them up, even…when it’s actually quite normal and natural, what they are going through and doing.

Sexual acts do not “belong” to adults

…Some adults merely punish children [often severely], for engaging in natural, human, sexual activities.

The human is the most manipulative, punitive species known to exist…and “sex” is the Holy Grail of control…

…Because if you can get inside of people’s heads and make them feel shamed, intimidated and subjugated over something like their own, biological sexuality…you can do anything to them…You’ve already psychologically broken, what makes them who they are.

Tim’s Questions:

I’m fine with drag kids…I’m fine with what Desmond is doing…

…I’m not fine with people trying to step in, and remove his personal agency…

People say it’s fine to be homosexual…some people say it’s beautiful and great…We now recognize the life changing importance, of embracing ones own sexuality…”but don’t you dare express your homosexuality, or identify with it in public, before you reach a certain age”…”especially not during your formative years, where it is most critical”…

…and that is just a whole universe full of insanity.

As a homosexual…I was also a homosexual, little boy…Yes…I sure as ever-loving fuck, was!…And there is no line which renders that little boy me, “not me”…It’s always been me, all along…

…The manners in which I was treated as a homosexual boy, have had a severe impact on my life…And it is largely what motivates me, and what I react to, today.

It’s why I so naturally speak up, on behalf of those who literally have no social voice…I know what it is like [and what it means], to be completely devalued and discarded by society, as a human being.

I know what it is like…spending a lifetime struggling to exist…in a world hellbent on crushing you…and everything about you.

Homosexual children have a right to exist…a right to have self worth…and a right to be self expressive…

…Holy fuck, why does something like this even have to be stated?…Why is this even a mountain, on which any war must be waged?…

…How did the human species lose it’s own soul and humanity, to the point where this type of obvious correction must be re-established?

And the YouTube comments censorship, I’ve already addressed…

…It’s all stupidity…the opportunists and paranoids who have pushed things to this point, and YouTube’s panicked response.

YouTube does not know that it’s “You”Tube…

…They should just change their name to CorporateTube, and be done with the misnomer.

…And, yes…It is also stupidity, on the part of those few people who were posting provocative and crass comments, in places where they knew it was likely to cause a problem…

…But like I’ve previously pointed out…Many of those comments were likely posted, by people who’ve been trying to force YouTube’s hand for years, in imposing this very exact type of censorship.

The control fanatics of YouTube have scored a victory, with this stunt…

…Don’t be fooled…Probably 90% or more of the comments in question, were posted by these obsessive manipulators, for the explicit purpose of making it seem as though YouTube has “a pedophile problem”…

…Sad and pathetic people find the most joy and “accomplishment” in life, by navigating some path to imposing their will over others…

…In this case…it was power and manipulation over children, and child featuring channels…and over the idea of “pedophiles communicating with children”…

That is the only thing this stunt was ever about.

I am going on the record, as saying I believe this whole incident is overwhelmingly a constructed sham.

Shame on YouTube…Shame on the people behind this.

A fine example of what commonly gets posted in YouTube’s comment section [under Tim’s very own video, right here], wherever sexual minorities are in any way discussed.

…The “pedophile comments” [whether planted or real] are rare and minuscule…

…This type of comment, however…is an outright epidemic on YouTube.

It’s “funny”, where and how YouTube places it’s focus, efforts and iron fist.

7 thoughts on ““Drag Kid” Family Investigated By Child Protective Services…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Good advice!

      I only really gave the link for citation purposes…It’s sometimes a quandary…You don’t really “want” to give them more attention…and yet, I feel I should link to what I’m responding to.

    2. eqfoundation Post author

      Just to be clear, though…Tim Pool is generally decent…even if he is getting a bit ignorant, where “pedophiles” become a topic.

      I don’t discourage people from supporting Tim…In fact, I’ve been sharing a lot of his videos.

      …But, I’m very happy you’ve brought up these links…I should be using services like this, with regards to some video producers.

    3. Nada

      Is Tim a loser for questioning hypocrisy? Can you find a stripping etc girl model, who generated little more than praise from those outraged about sexualisation, before and after CPS visits?

  1. Anita

    Tim Pool is a fairly good opinion-haver, but with each tweak to the YouTube algorithm, he gets more and more click-baity, and nothing is more click-baity than saving the children.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I like most of his opinions that I’ve encountered…which is the thing that dictates, whether I’m going to share videos from a “small” [or at least “not massive”] channel like his.

      He expresses a lot of viewpoints I agree with.

      I think he’s reaching a point of stagnation, though…At this point, creators start reaching and trying different things…

      …As you point out…this often leads to sub-par content.

      I was primarily interested in the news story, itself.


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