The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: March 16, 2019

01) The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap. Mousetrap Monday

“The CATCHMASTER Hide & Seal Mousetrap. In this video we test out a new mouse trap made by Catchmaster and then see what wild animals come to enjoy the free meal.”

I love mice…I really do…

…I just don’t like them, when they decide they want to move into the house…and do all of the terrible things they do…

And that is why I’m sharing mousetrap videos with you…It’s kind of relevant to me, right now [though I think they’re pretty much exterminated, at this point of the season]…and I’m just sort of pulling you along with me, on my exploration of mousetraps…

I sincerely hope that others find value in this…after all…you don’t want them running free in your house, contaminating and destroying things…possibly making people sick.

I just might try one of these models…they look interesting.

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