4 thoughts on “Rich People Use “Wokeness” To Defend Their CHeating, Blaming Poor People…

    1. Roadkill

      When you said you see the “Identitarian Left” gaining ground among MAPs, are you referring to the phrase, or the dogma?

      Regardless, how would we even tell? I think like the elephant in the dark room, a professor may see one thing, a YouTube clickbaiter may see another thing, blogs like this see something else… I don’t think anyone really knows.

      I think all minorities benefit from having people with all political views seeing themselves as part of it. I don’t trust even a “classical liberal” not to throw a minority or two under the bus, to befriend the populace when they get power, just like lefties and righties do. It’s so easy. So minorities must make it difficult by being involved.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        I would suspect Nada is talking about some of the behavior happening, among the NOMAP population.

        It does feel like identitarian politics/tactics are encroaching into the broader MAP community.

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