Stochastic Terrorism?…

Date: March 26, 2019

01) The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence

“This video examines the Alt Right Pipeline and the Pyramid of Violence that leads from implicit bias to edgy humor to violence. CONTENT WARNINGS: This video contains: -Racist symbols and imagery -Racist rallies and hate speech (explicit slurs have been removed) -Discussion of the Charlottesville tragedy -Confrontations between racists and ethnic minorities/Native Americans”

I’ve paid virtually zero attention to pewdepie…Everything I’ve encountered of his, I’ve not been interested in…Granted, I’ve never gone searching for anything from him.

I didn’t even know he existed, until all this nonsense erupted about a year or so back.

For reasons which should be self explanatory…I hate and loath censorship…and consider it to be evil…even when applied to self identified racists…Censorship is just evil, period…even when it’s applied to people I aggressively disagree with.

…And I did not ask, nor elect, other people to decide for me…what viewpoints I am allowed to listen to and comprehend “from the horses own mouth”.

Still…this is the first time I’ve seen someone really break this issue down…the alleged “pewdepie nazi connection”.

It’s something to think about.

I’ve had the experience of unintentionally wandering into certain videos, and having my video recommendations turn into a curious direction…despite that these aren’t content that I have a history of watching.

What watching I do, is normally just to get a firm grasp on an issue, group…news story…

…I’ve found a handful of channels, which initially seemed interesting…but I ultimately weeded out of my subscriptions…I just got a bad feeling about the people running those channels…It felt more like personal intuition, than anything overt.

…Some of those names…I’m finding that they keep resurfacing in these types of videos today, which talk about this “racist pipeline”.

The Danger of Misrepresenting Communicators:

I’ve written about this in the past…

We shouldn’t be too eager to pigeon hole, those who are merely attempting to understand what others [yes, including modern nazis] are standing for.

Some of us still value the principles of open communication and clearly understanding others, above nearly all else.

…Some of us, from a lifetime of experience, have zero faith in those who would shut down open dialogue, and dictate [often in a biased, sometimes misleading way] “what those people have to say”.

I don’t look upon the self appointed gatekeepers of speech, as being any less of a threat than racists trying to start a race war.

5 thoughts on “Stochastic Terrorism?…

  1. Yure

    It can be applied to everyone, in both ends. Like, we could be accused of stochastic terrorism ourselves. Even though everyone is doing that to us.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …In fact, this has been one of my biggest concerns, where it comes to people pushing this sort of thing.

      And it’s even worse, in that people will intentionally twist our words entirely out of context.

      1. Yure

        We gotta stick together and keep pushing. In the end, it’s the numbers that matter, in a democratic setting. We need more people to think like us.

  2. Smokin

    You know almost as soon as you see a content warning that you’re probably dealing with a dogmatist.

    Tim Pool debunked the pipeline in one of his videos. YouTube tends to move people toward the left.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yeah…I don’t see myself sharing a lot of this guys content, moving into the future…I just found the ideas he was talking about to be worth responding to…considering, even.

      I don’t share his world view…and find it considerably dangerous.

      He released part 2…but I’ve not listened to it, yet…or, I fell asleep while listening to it…I forget. Maybe I’ll track it down.


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