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dares2speakTV: 15 points A2 Youth Lib Group…


Date: April 02, 2019

01) 15pointsA2YouthLibgroup

“This is the “15 Points” made by a relatively large, nationally-organized group of young people (up to age 20, or so, I think) calling itself the “Ann Arbor (MI) Youth Liberation” group. Another group, out of Chicago called itself “CHIPS” (Cooperative Highschool Independent Press Syndicate, I think was the name). For all critical thinkers out there, this will definitely be ammo for you. See also the Time Magazine article, published December 25, 1972 (i think it was) where the usual adult chauvanist crap is made towards kids, while at the same time, a few noteworthy quotes (i.e. that kids are the “last” of the underclass, and that the US Supreme Court decided FOR kids, saying that the Bill of Rights is not for groanups alone!).

While I myself was a kid during the time of this group’s existence, sadly I was never informed by the groanups around me.

Note: inclusion of this crucial information does not mean that the author is seeking any contacts with young people (under legal age). Any kids who are having difficulties with their schools or parents should try contacting the Student Press Law Center (www.splc.org), which has challenged groanup hegemony since 1975! Also try author and ex-teacher Grace Llewellyn who runs a camp for “unschoolers” called the Not Back To School Camp! (Note: I am not affiliated with any of these groups)

There have been attempts more recently (in the last 20 years) by youth to start their own stands, and these include Oblivion.net (not sure if still going), and a few others.”

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