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The LGBT Community Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) The LGBT Community Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy

“As a person who ticks a couple letters off the LGBT acronym, it’s time to say it plainly and clearly: the biggest threat in regards to my widespread acceptance as a gay trans person is none other than the activists within this “community” that I’ve been forcefully grouped into. For the original piece upon which this video is based:


I can absolutely get behind the sentiment over hyper offense, in the LGBTQ community…That’s something that needs to go, and it never should have been given a foothold to get started from.

It only acts as a social irritant, driving people away and making them feel as though they are under assault.

This is why I’ve always taken a dim look, where it comes to the endless professional victims, who imagine they are “justified” in biting of everybody else’s head, over the slightest hint of imagined trespass…A “trespass” which is commonly happening only within the confines of their own head, and nowhere else in the objective world.

As far as complaining about the drag kids…

…The LGBTQ is eventually going to have to figure out…that queer kids are naturally part of the LGBTQ, itself…

…And the LGBTQ needs to figure out, whether or not it is finally going to stand up for it’s youngest, most voiceless members…or continue to ignore and distance itself from this part of it’s natural population.

When it comes to being queer…there is no line.

When it comes to being homosexual…there is no line, that separates a current homosexual life phase, from a pre-homosexual life phase.

When the laws say, “Okay, it’s now legal for you to engage in those acts”…that’s not “when you become homosexual”…It’s not when your needs begin, as part of a sexual minority…

This, among other reasons…is why the LGBTQ has fallen from grace, into disarray…in my opinion…

…It’s too mortified over being accused and lied about, should it “get too close to forbidden fruit”, to even be effective anymore…

…It’s been reduced to fighting over the trivial, instead of the persisting fundamentals…which so many classes of “perverts” still face…

…But the LGBTQ seems most content, so long as the “least offensive perverts” are getting what they want out of it.

I will never be comfortable with anyone, LGBTQ or otherwise, acting as though they “own” the sexual rights movement…or the human rights movement, for that matter…and “no dirty, cursed pervert better try asserting themselves in it”.

Modern day LGBTQ activists are standing on the shoulders of queer giants and legends…many of whom held far more open minded beliefs…and had far broader life experiences, than what the “high priesthood” of the LGBTQ would stand for, today.

The mountain on which the modern LGBTQ stands, was taken by a mixture of many people…some of whom the LGBTQ today would crucify…and even blame for “it’s persecution”.

The irony is lost on a lot of LGBTQ people.

…Which is why I have such little faith, in the legitimacy of the LGBTQ…

…It has burned down it’s own history, and burned it’s bridges, just to give “the least offensive” among it’s ranks, all the voice, all the representation, all the backing…and all the won legal rights…

What’s most disheartening to me…is witnessing how so much of the alleged vanguard of the sexual rights movement behaves, when confronted with something so tame, comical and pleasant, as a silly little boy in drag…

…People who attack little boys in drag, or who attack, harm and demean “the wrong types of pervert”, are not any true form of human rights activist, at all.

…They’re just playing the identity politics game…and couldn’t care less, about anyone “not on their team”.

The LGBTQ should grow a collective spine…develop a bit of humanity…and learn the value of closing defensive ranks around all people, who are being socially persecuted and tormented for immutable character traits they possess.

That would be an LGBTQ worth having…an LGBTQ worthy of respect.

This movement is about far more than “just you”.


Excalibur (1981) Retrospective / Review…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) Excalibur (1981) Retrospective / Review

I remember watching this for the first time as a young boy…nine or ten, probably…

What stuck with me was the Lady of the Lake…I thought the lake was haunted, and she was a ghost “living” in the lake…

Her clothing was strange to me…especially the sleeves that went up her arms…I initially thought it made them look like rotting, dead arms rising out of the lake…The way the material reflected the light while still having dark spots…that’s just how it struck me.

This reviewer is correct…Excalibur has the qualities of a creepy, horror movie at points…along with a lot of other great stuff.


dares2speakTV: 1995 MN OLF Direct Action…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) 1995MNOLFDirectAction

“This is the most challenging direct action i carried out (with one friend). It is the culmination of several other direct actions where both I (solo) and a few others (twice) openly challenged gay assimilation politics, daring beyond our programmed fears to even speak up at all. Our challenges began in about 1992 from dissatisfaction with the national-serving group I had been involved in (which coerced a “passive” and I think middle-class-values-stuck kind of approach to the sex hysteria against intergenerational solidarity topics). Their whole tactic for responding to the attacks pushed by all manner of social control “outlet” felt to some of us to be way too self-defeating and dumb. Yes, we were naive to how politics “work”, and yet, I still feel that this approach, if utilized amongst others, can have a positive effect! And certainly was one way to escape the MEDIA CONTROL that has continued to keep our side of the truth “under wraps”.

Of course, MEDIA CONTROL works in myriad ways to silence and keep “under wraps” MANY groups of people, and this is a lesson one can learn if you realize the value of prioritizing educating yourself on the MANY discrepancies and hypocrisies of our time (not that this is anything “new”, as Black Folks and American Indians know only too well).

Some authors to get you started might include: Noam Chomsky (on Media Control, social/cultural manager ideology, and general institutional analysis), Thomas Szasz (on the myth of “mental illness” and how psychiatrists are really merely a new form of religion), and others I may name at another time.”

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Little Shit (2018)…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) Little Shit (2018)

“Sex is a difficult child that people are trying to avoid. They pray that their children will never become so. But Paul has something more, imperceptible at first glance. He finds this only when those around him stop noticing. He sets off on a journey, and discovers the nature of the most marginal places in London.”

Not entirely sure what’s on the mind of the person who wrote this description…but I believe the boys name is “Paul”…not “Sex”…

…It’s curious what slips out, when your mind wanders.

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