dares2speakTV: 1995 MN OLF Direct Action…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) 1995MNOLFDirectAction

“This is the most challenging direct action i carried out (with one friend). It is the culmination of several other direct actions where both I (solo) and a few others (twice) openly challenged gay assimilation politics, daring beyond our programmed fears to even speak up at all. Our challenges began in about 1992 from dissatisfaction with the national-serving group I had been involved in (which coerced a “passive” and I think middle-class-values-stuck kind of approach to the sex hysteria against intergenerational solidarity topics). Their whole tactic for responding to the attacks pushed by all manner of social control “outlet” felt to some of us to be way too self-defeating and dumb. Yes, we were naive to how politics “work”, and yet, I still feel that this approach, if utilized amongst others, can have a positive effect! And certainly was one way to escape the MEDIA CONTROL that has continued to keep our side of the truth “under wraps”.

Of course, MEDIA CONTROL works in myriad ways to silence and keep “under wraps” MANY groups of people, and this is a lesson one can learn if you realize the value of prioritizing educating yourself on the MANY discrepancies and hypocrisies of our time (not that this is anything “new”, as Black Folks and American Indians know only too well).

Some authors to get you started might include: Noam Chomsky (on Media Control, social/cultural manager ideology, and general institutional analysis), Thomas Szasz (on the myth of “mental illness” and how psychiatrists are really merely a new form of religion), and others I may name at another time.”

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