Chuck & Buck (2000)…


Date: April 08, 2019

01) Chuck & Buck (2000) Trailer

“An oddly naive man-child stalks his childhood best friend and tries to reconnect with their past. Director: Miguel Arteta Writer: Mike White Stars: Mike White, Chris Weitz, Lupe Ontiveros… Genres: Comedy | Drama Runtime: 96 min Country: USA Language: English Release Date: 17 November 2000 (UK)

CHUCK & BUCK Director Almost Turned Down ‘Creepy’ Film:

“Versatile Hollywood director Miguel Arteta talks about his 2000 comedy CHUCK & BUCK and how he accepted the job despite being warned by industry friends that it might be too ‘creepy’ and could amount to career suicide. Arteta also talks about pressing forward with the project despite repeatedly getting turned down for financing on this highlight clip of Talk Show with Harper Simon.”

Chuck and Buck – Wanna go see my room?:

Chuck & Buck (12/12) Movie CLIP – He Made Me This Way (2000) HD:

Buck (Mike White) tells Carlyn (Beth Colt) about growing up with Chuck.

Following his critically acclaimed Star Maps, Miguel Arteta directs this perverse Odd Couple-esque comedy drama. Childhood best buddies Chuck and Buck are reunited after 18 years during the funeral of the latter’s mother. Chuck (Chris Weitz who also produced American Pie (1999)) is a button-down movie executive with a gorgeous blond fiancée, Carlyn (Beth Colt). By contrast, the intervening years do not seem to have matured Buck (Mike White) in the slightest — he still plays with children’s toys, throws bawling temper tantrums, and seems to be utterly at a loss at what to do after his mother’s death. During the funeral, Buck greets his old friend with an oblivious joy that is hardly appropriate to the setting. Clearly expecting that the friendship will continue where it left off back during the Carter administration, Buck seems confused and sullen in the presence of Carlyn, a yucky girl. This jealousy turns more unnerving when, in midst of a brotherly hug, Buck makes a clumsy grope for Chuck’s manhood. Disturbed and embarrassed, Chuck quickly leaves, but not before Carlyn politely suggests that Buck “visit us in L.A. sometime.” Buck leaps at the chance and soon is packing up for California. He quickly degenerates from a silly, though pathetic annoyance to a lollipop-sucking stalker. Buck’s bizarre attempts to renew his bond with Chuck and to consummate their relationship puts Chuck increasingly on edge and confronts the affluent yuppie with a past he’d just as soon forget. Chuck & Buck was one of the most talked about films at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.”

Chuck & Buck (7/12) Movie CLIP – We Should Play a Game (2000) HD:

I’d not go so far as to say I “liked” this movie…but it holds an intrigue to me.

Plot wise…it’s like a cancerous horror story, saddling childhood sexuality with “yet another reason, why you should avoid it like the plague”…”the bonding kids could do through sex, might inhibit them from being able to let go”…and “could cause serious issues, later in life”…

That feels very child sex phobic, in my mind…and like a terrible way of framing things.

On the other hand…it still handles the issue of childhood sex in a relatively simple, level headed way…There is no special emphasis placed, on the fact that it happened…It’s even deemed completely normal, in one scene.

What is abnormal…is Chuck’s inability to let go of what they had, and move on.

On still yet another angle…I love this as a unique plot. It is a valid topic to explore, in my opinion.

The problem with it…is that it’s something that got made…in an era where there is absolutely no balance, in the public sphere of discourse surrounding childhood sexuality.

…So…it largely comes off like “another rock thrown at childhood sexuality”…where there is nothing to really counterbalance it.

That’s what I am wanting in media…the counterbalance, which has been sorely missing.

This movie is passed off as a “dark comedy”…and I suppose it is…

…Though I think the issue posed deserves far better than a “dark comedy”, where most everything is glossed over, and we arrive at a “happy ending” via a montage in the last five minutes of the movie.

Gut instinct tells me…this movie would have been way better, had a BoyLover made it…We at least possess a natural insight, which other people have a hard time capturing and presenting [or just flat out cant].

I have a hard time categorizing this movie…I used to own a copy of it…then got rid of it…

…I don’t really miss it.


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