These Atari 2600 Games Pushed the Limit…


Date: April 08, 2019

01) These Atari 2600 Games Pushed the Limit – Friday Night Arcade

“Which Atari 2600 games had the best graphics? Which games pushed the console to its limit? Find out this week on Friday Night Arcade.”


4 thoughts on “These Atari 2600 Games Pushed the Limit…

  1. Yure

    The second one was the best, in my modest opinion. The homebrew scene for that system still exists. Regarding music, I like this one.

    Which is a cover of this one.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I never played Solaris…I never had an Atari system.

      In fact, it wasn’t until the mid nineties, that I finally had an actual game console [a SNES].

      My childhood was meager with this sort of thing…Parents refused to buy us a game console…So, we got to be green with envy, over some very primitive systems from the seventies and eighties.

      When I was about fifteen, dad purchased me a Commodor 64…which was way better than any game console of the era, but had a slight learning curve…and came with an expectation, that you’d learn how to program with it…[and I did learn very simple progamming with it].

      By the time I really got into game consoles, Atari was long gone from the scene…Well…I guess there was the Jaguar…but we all know how that flopped…and they’ve been way to expensive to pick up, considering their small library…with little note [I’m mostly into RPGs].

      The Homebrew scene has always intrigued me…though, I’ve not gotten deeply into it…I have little idea, how to get playable software onto a cartridge.

      I mostly have experience with shallow tinkering around in various RPG Maker software…from the PS1, PS2 and PC eras…[tad bit of playing around with modding Skyrim, also]…but I’m not deeply involved with any community.

      I kind of wish I owned an Atari system, though…or, at least that the Retron people would build a system that also includes Atari [as opposed to just Nintendo and Sega systems]…

      Was seriously contemplating buying one of those hand held Atari systems, with the collection of classics…I may, still…I think it’s featured in a post, somewhere earlier in this series…

      But, I don’t have money to spend on it, anyway…So…

      Those are really great pieces of music!…Thanks for sharing!


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