Judging Pedophiles…

…. Many of the things expressed in this Sub-Blog, I’ve addressed any number of times over the years. I don’t wish to analyze every video, etc., but I do find it valuable to share these kinds of video, etc., even if I disagree substantially with any of it…It’s important to acknowledge and embrace, that there are people out there, who are engaged in levelheaded discussion about “pedophiles”. – Steve

Date: April 09, 2019

01) Judging Pedophiles

“After a lot of thought I’ve decided to change the title of this video from “In Defense of Pedophiles” to “Judging Pedophiles”. I feel that too many people were judging the video by its title and not even watching it, which is ironic considering the video is tangentially about not judging a book by its cover.

Someone just pointed out I said the sun revolves around the earth. Oops.”

Really hard not to respond to one of these claims…

…Can you guess which one?

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