DAMN: Dem Plays Candace Owens’ Hitler Comment to Her Face…

Date: April 12, 2019

01) DAMN: Dem Plays Candace Owens’ Hitler Comment to Her Face

“Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu plays Candace Owens’ own Hitler comments back to her during a congressional hearing, and it’s delightful



Actually…Candace Owens came into relevance [public concern, actually] over her website “Social Autopsy”…a website intended to stalk, shame and out people, for their alleged trespasses against others, anywhere in the world…even in public schools…amidst the uproar, and while claiming she had killed the project, she repackaged the exact same scheme, and peddled it as the exact same thing, only aimed at those in the workplace…passing herself off on NPR radio, under a slightly different name…

She started off, by trying to financially cash in on the worst form of toxic, terrorist internet culture.

When this outrageous monstrosity failed, she dropped out of sight on the internet for a whopping six months…just to emerge “converted”…and cranked out a short parade of low quality YouTube videos, consisting off nothing more than the lame, common, conservative talking points, we’ve all heard on a variety of issues…

Anyone who’s paid a little bit of attention to Candace Owens, knows that she is a complete shill…

…She is a puppet, being paid to say these things…and given her past, she’d likely say whatever the highest payer tells her to say…

Her “platform”…is nothing but mindless talking points…And she doesn’t come off as particularly smart, at all…and absolutely not informed…

She came from an upper class family…affluent…If I had to guess…I’d say one of her parents likely pulled some strings [called in some favors, over past donations?], and got that conservative organization [I forget which one] to hire her into a cushy, well paying job…Because her past displays absolutely nothing, which one could surmise qualifies her to be an authority on anything at all…And her public performance steadfastly remains a train wreck.

This says a lot about the integrity of her employer.

…She, herself, has zero integrity at all.

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