Phil Collins and Sting – Long Long Way to Go…

Date: April 12, 2019

01) Phil Collins – Long Long Way to Go

“Off of the 1985 album “No Jacket Required”. A very haunting and beautiful piece.”

2 thoughts on “Phil Collins and Sting – Long Long Way to Go…

  1. feinmann0

    A beautiful piece indeed, but then I have always been a fan of his music, his talent and of course his extended time with Genesis.

    Long Long Way To Go was used as poignant background music in the Miami Vice episode ‘Sons and Lovers’, as was In The Air Tonight again by Phil, in the episode Brothers Keeper. A further super track used by Michael Mann (executive producer of the series) was The Madness Of It All by The Ward Brothers in the episode Night Drive (I think it was).

    Phil guest starred too in the detective series episode: Phil The Shill, as a sleazy con artist.

    Thanks for this trip down memory lane!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Absolutely! I always loved this song, and am a rather big fan of both Phil and Sting.

      Phil had fallen off my radar once “But Seriously…” had run it’s course…What little I’d heard from him on the radio from that point forward, made him seem like an artist past his prime…

      …It wasn’t until about two to three years back, that I finally started exploring his later catalogue…I picked some tracks from two or three albums, essentially making up my own album of tracks…

      …And it was wonderful to have some “new” Phil Collins in my collection.

      I loved him in Genesis…my favorite all around Genesis song being “That’s All”.

      But there’s so much to love.


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