6 thoughts on “Why Are Millennial Men Single, Childless, And Broke??!…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I really don’t know…It seems antiquated.

      …I’d suggest it was antiquated and toxic, even when I was a boy…speaking as one among the first generation of “latchkey kids”.

  1. feinmann0

    No mention of the persecution of human sexuality via an exponential growth in feminist sex laws over the past several decades. To have the possibility of your fuckee at some later date claiming you raped them plus a politically correct state sponsoring the woman in the absence of any evidence, might just be one factor behind the singles statistics. In such a sex-negative climate, it is little wonder that men lead solitary lives. The attempt by women to dominate men has backfired spectacularly in my view.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “The attempt by women to dominate men has backfired spectacularly…”

      It most certainly has, yes.

      A lot of us from Generation X experienced the family disintegrate…So, we know how bad family life can get…which likely led to way less marriage in our generation…The Millennial generation grew up knowing Generation X parents, who weren’t married or staying together.

      The gradual death of marriage likely has a lot to do with the way things are…It’s the “new” norm…so, why would younger generations expect it?

  2. Pete

    I would also add the Generation Y (‘Millennial’) hook-up culture, enabled by online sex and smartphones/webcam, will have also contributed to the much decline in marriage amongst today’s young adults. Yes, though, all valid above.

    For more on the #MTOW movement (‘Men Going Their Own Way), check out the youTube channels of vloggers ‘Sandman’ and ‘Howard Dare’, amongst many such others….

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …It used to be you had to get married, in order to experience [IE: view] what any aware ten year old can find on the web, today…for free.

      Marriage has lost a major part of it’s attractiveness, due to this.


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