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John McWhorter: America Has Never Been Less Racist…

Date: April 16, 2019

01) John McWhorter: America Has Never Been Less Racist

“Columbia University linguist John McWhorter on the Jussie Smollett hoax, Donald Trump, and “antiracism” as a new secular religion.

When actor Jussie Smollet lied about being attacked by racist, MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporters, Columbia University linguist John McWhorter actually interpreted it as a sign that “we have come further on race than we are often comfortable admitting.” “Only in an America in which matters of race are not as utterly irredeemable as we are often told,” he wrote in The Atlantic, would someone “pretend to be tortured in this way…[because] playing a singer on television is not as glamorous as getting beaten up by white guys.” The unwillingness of both blacks and whites to acknowledge progress on racial equality is a long-running theme for McWhorter, who in 2000 published Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, which argued that “in most cases, [racism] is not an obstacle to people being the best that they can be.” In an influential 2015 essay, McWhorter argued that “Antiracism” had become a new secular religion in America, complete with “clergy, creed, and also even a conception of Original Sin.” “One is born marked by original sin,” he wrote. “To be white is to be born with the stain of unearned privilege.” Black people, he continued, “will express their grievances and whites will agree” that they are racist. On the right, McWhorter observed, there is a growing sense of hostility on racial issues and, according to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who agree that black-white relations are good is at a 20-year low. And for the first time since the pollster has asked the question, a majority of blacks rate race relations as bad. I sat down with the 53-year-old McWhorter—the author or editor of 20 books—to talk about his upbringing in a mixed-race part of Philadelphia, his academic focus on Creole language, and the unmistakable signs of racial progress that an increasing number of Americans seem unwilling to acknowledge. Edited by Ian Keyser. Intro by Todd Krainin. Cameras by Jim Epstein and Kevin Alexander. Photos by Jim Epstein.

Reason is the planet’s leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Go to reason.com for a point of view you won’t get from legacy media and old left-right opinion magazines.”

Andrew Yang TEARS UP, Crowd ROARS with Applause [INSPIRATIONAL]…

Date: April 16, 2019

01) Andrew Yang TEARS UP, Crowd ROARS with Applause [INSPIRATIONAL]

“Yang for President 2020


“I’m Andrew Yang, and I’m running for President as a Democrat in 2020 because I fear for the future of our country. New technologies – robots, software, artificial intelligence – have already destroyed more than 4 million US jobs, and in the next 5-10 years, they will eliminate millions more. A third of all American workers are at risk of permanent unemployment. And this time, the jobs will not come back.

I’m not a career politician—I’m an entrepreneur who understands the economy. It’s clear to me, and to many of the nation’s best job creators, that we need to make an unprecedented change, and we need to make it now. But the establishment isn’t willing to take the necessary bold steps. As president, my first priority will be to implement Universal Basic Income for every American adult over the age of 18: $1,000 a month, no strings attached, paid for by a new tax on the companies benefiting most from automation. UBI is just the beginning. A crisis is underway—we have to work together to stop it, or risk losing the heart of our country. The stakes have never been higher.

Once I understood the magnitude of this problem, and that even our most forward-thinking politicians were not going to take the steps necessary to stem the tide, I had no choice but to act. I’m the father of two young boys. I know the country my sons will grow up in is going to be very different than the one I grew up in, and I want to look back at my life knowing I did everything in my power to create the kind of future our children deserve—an America of opportunity, freedom, equality, and abundance.

I urge you to join me. No one else is going to build a better world for us. We’re going to have to do it ourselves. Together.”

Humanity First,

Age of Consent: Dream or Nightmare (Documentary)…


Date: April 16, 2019

01) Age of Consent: Dream or Nightmare (Documentary)

“This thirty minute English-language radio documentary about the Age of Consent in The Netherlands was broadcasted world wide by Radio Netherlands on 12-01-1994 and 14-01-1994, and rebroadcasted on 30-03-1994. The documentary was created in 1993.

(1) Dr. Edward Brongersma (August 31, 1911 – April 22, 1998); lawyer, former Dutch PvdA senator (1946-1950 and 1963-1977), author of “Jongensliefde; Seks en erotiek tussen jongens en mannen” deel 1 en 2, SUA 1993
(2) Ron van Outsem; youth worker, author of “Seksueel Misbruik Van Jongens”, 1992, ISBN: 9062222153
(3) Rudi van Dantzig; dancer/choreographer, author of “Voor een verloren soldaat”, de Arbeiderspers 1986, (For a Lost Soldier, The story of a romantic relationship between a grown-up and a child. Set in the Netherlands near the end of WWII)
(4) Dr. Theo Sandfort; sexologist (Utrecht University), author of “Seksuele ervaringen van kinderen; Betekenis en effect voor later”, Van Loghum Slaterus 1989
(5) Marjan Sax; author of “Op een oude fiets moet je het leren: Erotische en seksuele relaties tussen vrouwen en jonge meisjes en jongens”, Schorerstichting, Amsterdam, 1992
(6) “Gonnie”; anonymous mother of an ‘abused’ girl

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Giants: Who Really Rules The World?…

Date: April 16, 2019

01) Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

“Abby Martin sits down with Peter Phillips, former director of Project Censored and professor of Political Sociology at Sonoma State University. His new book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” details the 17 transnational investment firms which control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they are kept in power by their activists, facilitators and protectors.

“Giants” is available at Seven Stories Press:

Julian Assange: Hero or Villain? What You Should Know…

Date: April 16, 2019

01) Julian Assange: Hero or Villain? What You Should Know

“The 2019 arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has people debating freedom of speech & the press vs. state security. This documentary explains the full story behind everything from the embassy asylum, to human rights criticisms.”

Julian/wikileaks has been known to target MAPs in the past…so, I’m not crying about what he may personally experience…I hold him in rather low regard, as an individual human being…and I think karma has a way of revisiting people.

All the same…I don’t believe that methods and avenues by which he is currently “being gotten”, are entirely on the level themselves…

…I view this as just a whole lot of villains, eating on each other…while probably setting a horrible precedent, which may further devastate free speech and holding the powerful accountable.

So…status quo, for the usual social trend…

Yeah…sure…Julian has done some good things, despite the bad…

It’s complicated…and I have no tears to weep, for an enemy of MAPs.

How to Cut Costs with Tiny Living…


Date: April 16, 2019

01) How to Cut Costs with Tiny Living

“Tiny homes aren’t just a fad anymore — what started as a way to lower mortgage payments and utility costs following the Great Recession has developed into a worldwide movement. And Google searches for “Tiny House for Sale” have grown a whopping 900%.

If you’re looking to purchase or build a tiny house of your own, there are a few decisions you’ll need to make: Where do you want to put your tiny house, and do you want to rent the land or purchase it outright? Are you looking to build your house on a foundation, or do you want to put it on wheels and travel from coast to coast with your home in tow?

When compared to a traditional or big house, tiny houses could save homeowners a lot of money. But exactly how much you’ll save comes down to the type of living situation you want. We’ve taken a critical look at the choices that aspiring tiny homeowners often have to make, and how much each option costs when compared to living in a traditional home on a one-month to five-year scale.”