Age of Consent: Dream or Nightmare (Documentary)…


Date: April 16, 2019

01) Age of Consent: Dream or Nightmare (Documentary)

“This thirty minute English-language radio documentary about the Age of Consent in The Netherlands was broadcasted world wide by Radio Netherlands on 12-01-1994 and 14-01-1994, and rebroadcasted on 30-03-1994. The documentary was created in 1993.

(1) Dr. Edward Brongersma (August 31, 1911 – April 22, 1998); lawyer, former Dutch PvdA senator (1946-1950 and 1963-1977), author of “Jongensliefde; Seks en erotiek tussen jongens en mannen” deel 1 en 2, SUA 1993
(2) Ron van Outsem; youth worker, author of “Seksueel Misbruik Van Jongens”, 1992, ISBN: 9062222153
(3) Rudi van Dantzig; dancer/choreographer, author of “Voor een verloren soldaat”, de Arbeiderspers 1986, (For a Lost Soldier, The story of a romantic relationship between a grown-up and a child. Set in the Netherlands near the end of WWII)
(4) Dr. Theo Sandfort; sexologist (Utrecht University), author of “Seksuele ervaringen van kinderen; Betekenis en effect voor later”, Van Loghum Slaterus 1989
(5) Marjan Sax; author of “Op een oude fiets moet je het leren: Erotische en seksuele relaties tussen vrouwen en jonge meisjes en jongens”, Schorerstichting, Amsterdam, 1992
(6) “Gonnie”; anonymous mother of an ‘abused’ girl

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2 thoughts on “Age of Consent: Dream or Nightmare (Documentary)…

  1. Pete

    Steve, do you, or your readers, know if the Netherlands is still very progressive? My reason for asking is I believe they have since the above interview unfortunately raised their AoC.

    Apparently the very radical incel ‘Male Sexualist’ Movement’s leader (Israeli Tom Grauer) is looking for a country to base their work, with the Dutch being a favourite.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Steve, do you, or your readers, know if the Netherlands is still very progressive?”

      Well…they burned [literally] the research of Dr. Brongersma…they repealed the laws he championed to get passed…and his surviving family “apologized to the world” after his death, for his life’s work in this arena…So…No…The Netherlands has taken a horrible fall.

      Dr. Brongersma possibly chose to euthanize himself [assisted suicide] earlier than need be, from the despair caused by this.

      All the same…it may still be less toxic than most places.

      There have been a number of interesting books and research studies to come out of the Netherlands…But, it’s been decades ago at this point.

      They still have some kind of surviving movement…Not sure if it’s much better off than NAMBLA, though.


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