Julian Assange: Hero or Villain? What You Should Know…

Date: April 16, 2019

01) Julian Assange: Hero or Villain? What You Should Know

“The 2019 arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has people debating freedom of speech & the press vs. state security. This documentary explains the full story behind everything from the embassy asylum, to human rights criticisms.”

Julian/wikileaks has been known to target MAPs in the past…so, I’m not crying about what he may personally experience…I hold him in rather low regard, as an individual human being…and I think karma has a way of revisiting people.

All the same…I don’t believe that methods and avenues by which he is currently “being gotten”, are entirely on the level themselves…

…I view this as just a whole lot of villains, eating on each other…while probably setting a horrible precedent, which may further devastate free speech and holding the powerful accountable.

So…status quo, for the usual social trend…

Yeah…sure…Julian has done some good things, despite the bad…

It’s complicated…and I have no tears to weep, for an enemy of MAPs.

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