Community Interviews 1: Ed Chambers…

Date: April 17, 2019

01) Community Interviews 1: Ed Chambers

02) Community Interviews 1: Ed Chambers

“Many people, attracted to children, are active online, on Twitter, or on a boy love or a girl love forum, or on other internet communities. I thought it a good idea to interview these people, if they want to. If this will become a huge series of interviews or not, depends on the people willing to be interviewed by me. I do hope that both the persons interviewed as the people reading this interview will like the questions and answers.

Ed Chambers is a man from the UK. He was born in Leicestershire, England, but now he lives in a town in Scotland. He is one of the few people that came out of the closet as someone with a sexual preference for children. He appeared in two documentaries, both broad-casted on television.

Here’s the interview [Marthijn Uittenbogaard] had with him.”

2 thoughts on “Community Interviews 1: Ed Chambers…

  1. Pete

    Ed Chambers is one of the bravest, maybe the most brave, and articulate MAPs on twitter I’ve seen. A gentleman too.


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