Carnival of Eros: The Remnants of a Series…


Date: April 23, 2019

The Carnival of Eros never really got off the ground, and this may be the only time it ever appears.

The concept behind this series, is that it was supposed to act like a sort of “Blog Carnival”…but it could also feature websites, posts on chat boards, and the like…as it was more about featuring established individuals in the BL/GL community.

Strictly speaking…it would not have been a blog carnival, as nobodies content was ever going to be published on Our Love Frontier…There were only going to be links to the content…Which makes this series kind of like M.A. Voice [though it predates M.A. Voice, as a project]…The other thing which set it apart from M.A. Voice, is that it was supposed to focus on MAPs who embraced a life philosophy, that included a positive outlook on intergenerational relationships.

I’m mostly just posting these bits now, in order to tidy up one of my various folders, with a glut of stuff in it to get posted.

I never collected enough links to do a proper post in this series…I guess I figured M.A. Voice was enough to keep up with.

I probably wont be reviving this series.

I collected all of the following in 2015.

01) Samuel Zehdenick: The first pedophile [This Link is Dead]

02) Sick Rose: Conservatives and the LGBT Triumph

03) Eric Tazelaar: STRANGE goings-on underneath the Burka


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