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MWF Alice Day, April 25th, 2019…


Date: April 25, 2019

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Match 1: Baphomet & Haggas Vs Atreyu & Sebastian – 96%

Match 2: “Blue Lightning” Steve Diamond Vs Fat Fabio [#1 Contender Match] – 65%

Match 3: Dick N’Balls Vs Hell Skull [No Disqualification Rules] – 86%

Special Match: Crown First MWF Tag Team Champions!

Match 4: Shota & Loli-Con Vs Ganymede & Zeus – 64%

Main Event:

Match 5: Teddy Love Vs Pedo Bear – 77%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Baphomet & Haggas Loss: Atreyu & Sebastian
Win: Blue Lightning Steve Diamond Loss: Fat Fabio
Win: Dick N’Balls Loss: Hell Skull
Special Match: Crown Tag Team Champions Shota & Loli-Con Defeat Ganymede & Zeuse
Main Event Match: Teddy Love Defeats Pedo Bear to become the NEW Magnificent Wrestling Federation Champion!

Show Referee: Robo Count 5000

After the third match, Bliss Ransom walked out to the ring, accompanied by Fink Rotten and Ring-a-Ling. Bliss introduces his first interview…on “To Catch an Interview”…


As scarecrow enters the ring Bliss says, “Have a seat right there”, pointing to a chair in the middle of the ring…

Scarecrow sits down…

Bliss It says here in your background information, that you spent a lot of time on the farm?

Scarecrow Oh yes!…I was born on the farm!…I spent my entire life there, just hanging around, watching the fields…the animals…the farmer and his family!…

Bliss So, you’re telling us you’re a peeping tom, and not even the farm animals, nor the farmer and his little children are safe around you?!

Fink and Ring look on in disgust…

Scarecrow Oh!…No, no!…Nothing like that…I’ve been pure and innocent since the day I was born!

Bliss And why don’t you describe the circumstances in which you were “born”, you weirdo!

Scarecrow Well, it was all perfectly natural for a scarecrow, you see…The farmer had his boys out, grabbing straw and…

Bliss You like having little boys hands down your pants…DON’T YOU?!!!

Fink and Ring have scowls on their faces…

Scarecrow Well…the straw had to get in there somehow…I’m a scarecrow!…It’s not my fault!

Bliss In your contract you say…”I GOT STUFFED, by the farmers TEN YEAR OLD SON”!!!

Bliss looks on in judgement…

Scarecrow I think this interview is over!

Bliss You’re free to leave…

As Scarecrow walks towards the ropes, Fink hits him over the head with a loaded clipboard, and Ring-a-Ling joins in on the assault. Scarecrow is pummeled stupid…after witch Bliss leads Fink & Ring, Scarecrow being dragged along, out into the parking lot, where Scarecrow is thrown in front of a moving vehicle…He’s left bloody and battered in on the lot…

…An ambulance comes and collects him.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Baphomet & Haggas Vs Atreyu & Sebastian – 96%