Steve Shives’ Character Assassination of Sam Harris – Debunked…


Date: April 26, 2019

01) Steve Shives’ Character Assassination of Sam Harris – Debunked

1). Steve Shives’ Waking Up to Sam Harris Not Making Sense:

2). Mehdi Hasan’s article titled Don’t Just Condemn the New Zealand Attacks – Politicians and Pundits Must Stop Their Anti-Muslim Rhetoric:

3). Sam Harris’ article titled Response to Controversy:

4). Harris and Hasan’s Twitter feud:

5). PEW Research Center’s survey of 38,000 Muslims from 39 countries:

6). 52% of British Muslims want homosexuality to be illegal:

7). Harris article on why he left Pangburn Philosophy:

What Sam Harris does…is provide a forum where unique, and even controversial, things can be shared and discussed in a clear way.

What this does…is it allows us to get a more personal feel for the individual…probably allowing us to read into their personality…and it allows them to explain their experience and rational.

Many of us want this exact sort of forum, because we recognize that most media is lacking this type of integrity.

I don’t care that the person being interviewed may have warts [we all do, it’s just that some people hide them better than others]…I will always choose to hear it from the mouth of the original source, over having to be told some [often biased and distorted] version of “what they said”, by someone who deeply dislikes them and is probably celebrating their lack of access to popular media platforms.

Thinking and intelligent people generally want this sort of thing…and generally despise the self appointed gatekeepers, who want to stand in the way of it…

…which, I believe, is why Steve Shives is so widely reviled…particularly among atheists.

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