Exploring The Abyss (Terence McKenna)…


Date: April 03, 2019

01) Exploring The Abyss (Terence McKenna)

“This is one of the first long public lectures McKenna gave, dated back to 1982.”

Strictly speaking…I’m not necessarily using this sub-blog series, in the way I’d originally envisioned…

…It was going to be something closer to The Bible Survey, or The Koran Study…actually delving into religious texts…

…As time has moved on, and that plan has moved further out into the distance…this idea has laid dormant…But I started running across philosophers [Alan Watts, Terence McKenna] who were in some way linked with Buddhism…or at least Hinduism…and I wanted to start posting them in a series, as I find them interesting [even if I do think there is some issue that can be taken with them, at times]…

…So…I decided to commandeer this sub-blog, to host such content…I hope I am not perverting it, too much…as some of this may stray outside of Buddhism.

I still would like to get back to the origins of this project, read and discuss Buddhist [and likely Hindu] texts and philosophy…Maybe, it will eventually happen.


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