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Trump DENOUNCED Censorship Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson And Lauren Southern…


Date: May 05, 2019

01) Trump DENOUNCED Censorship Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson And Lauren Southern

“Paul Joseph Watson opposes all violence?!…”

Being a MAP who witnessed this individual telling MAPs to “Eat a bullet” [in response to a simple media article, explaining and humanizing MAPs]…and having been subjected to way, way too much of this individual over the years…

…I can say with absolute certainty, that the above statement is an absolute load of horse poo.

This sounds like a simple case where the chickens have come home to roost, for an individual who’s spent decades attacking and dehumanizing other humans [with his buddy Alex].

He recently broke off from Alex Jones, and was planning on launching his own “InfoWars” type venture…

…I’m thinking Facebook may have taken this as a sign, to get ahead of the curve.

A distinction I hope most people wont miss, this time around:

Just like I have never even once called for the censorship of Alex Jones…I have also never called for the censorship of Paul [or any other “conservative” personality or venture].

I have absolutely spent years and years, wondering how in the hell Alex, Paul and company have managed to stay shielded from being recognized as a hate group, or even a terrorist organization [and some of their media absolutely would support this conclusion]…But I’ve never joined in the effort to get them thrown off of any platform.

I’m more of the philosophy…that the a-holes of this world need to be free to expose themselves as a-holes…

…so that the rest of us can recognize and warn…”Hey…that’s an a-hole!”…and be a tad bit safer, and more informed [by knowing where the violence spewing a-holes are], in this world.

I’m not celebrating…

…But I’m also not dumb…and I realize there is a very genuine, real mixture of factors at play here which led to this type of conclusion.

…Just because a few of them may be horse crap, doesn’t mean they all are.

The writing was on the wall, for many years.

Facebook’s Conservative PURGE Coordinated With Media Outlets, PJW, Loomer Banned:

Oh, good grief, Tim!…”You”, are likely quite safe from being banned…You are, over all, tame.

CNN FURIOUS Over Trump’s Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson:


Security Warning: Tor Browser…

Date: May 05, 2019

An anonymous informer sent me a message regarding the TOR browser. As it’s very early in the morning, and I wasn’t intending on making any posts right now…for brevity, I trust it will not be ill looked upon, if I copy and paste their message here.

I’m also going to pin this post to the top of the blog, for a few days.

“Hi Steve,

I don’t know whether or not you use Tor Browser, but I’m sure many of your readers do and would appreciate getting out the word.

There is currently a bug in Tor Browser version 8.0.8 which causes the NoScript extension to be disabled. This means that even if you have set the browser security level to “Safest”, JavaScript will be permitted, which may allow web sites to track or identify your computer.

This problem began some time late Friday, when an internal certificate expired. If you haven’t launched Tor Browser since then, NoScript will probably still be enabled when you first start the browser, but after a few minutes a yellow warning bar will appear, showing “One or more installed add-ons cannot be verified and have been disabled.”

An updated version of Tor Browser will be available soon, but until then, if you are concerned about anonymity, I would recommend avoiding any web sites that might be targets of surveillance. Otherwise, if you are comfortable adjusting the internal browser settings, a temporary workaround has been posted here:

Just a word to the wise!”

Thank you, good Samaritan!

It looks like they intended on sharing a link…but it didn’t get included…

I’m going off to bed, soon…So, I’m not going to be searching it down right now.

But I wanted to pass this along.